Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office selects undersheriff

FULTONVILLE — The undersheriff position for Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has been appointed to Fort Plain Chief Robert Thomas.

Sheriff Michael Amato had selected to appoint Thomas and has known him from various law enforcement positions.

Justin Cramer, the current undersheriff, has held the position since 2014 but is leaving the sheriff’s office for a different position. Thomas will start Dec. 5. According to Amato, Cramer approached him about having found a new higher-paying position three month ago.

Thomas has served as chief of police for the Fort Plain Police Department for 13 years. Entering the position. Thomas had goals in mind, which were accomplished during his time there. Some of his goals included: increased training for officers to include the ability to work with criminal investigations and updating the current technology the department has.

The village board decides who will fill Thomas’ position.

By Chad Fleck

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