Remembering the forgotten war: Names of 22 Korean War veterans listed on memorial

The new monument, which stands on the left, honors 22 Killed in Action soldiers who had lived in Montgomery County. Photo Submitted

FONDA — Montgomery County will honor 22 fallen veterans at 3 p.m., Thursday with the unveiling of a new Korean War Memorial Monument.

According to a release, multiple ceremonies have been held at the momument area, which lists 22 names of soliders killed in action, and stands outside of the county building office in Fonda.

Matthew Ossenfort, county executive, said the county recieved a letter from a citizen who shared concerns about the way the flags were being displayed by the existing memorial. For prevoius ceremonies, individual flags would be placed in honor of each soldier.

On different occasions, community members would comment on how and where the individual flags should be displayed.

He said the county took action and Ossenfort started a discussion with Pat Prill, veterans director, about obtaining funding to upgrade the monument area.

“The flags will be positioned in a much better way than they were before,” Ossenfort said. “It’s nice to have an issue that started with a concerned citizen and turned out to have a really good ending. That’s the rewarding part of this project.”

Ossenfort hopes that family members of the fallen will attend the event, as it’s a day to honor them.

“The project is going to be done in time for Veterans Day, so we thought that we would do a ceremony at the memorial in honor of these people,” Ossenfort said. “We also thought it would be a nice thing to do to see if we can try and reach any of the family members of these soldiers and invite them to the ceremony.”

According to the Montogemery County Veteran Service Office, the individuals were 18 to 25 years old when they passed, meaning finding family has been difficult.

The momunment lists the names as follows:

Donald Fancis Lare;

Charles E. Byers;

William E. Smith;

John W. Maines;

William D. Amberger;

Milton H. DeVault;

Javery E. Smith;

George M. Barbiere;

Leonard M. Horender;

Louis F. Sperduto;

Richard F. Smith;

George Carter;

John Francis Kline;

Russell S. Hoyer;

Edward Podmajersky;

Eugene M Simiele;

Andrew Rossetti Jr.;

Frank M Cassetta;

Jean R. Allen;

Edward R. Francis;

Donald L. Borden;

George F. Wilson.

By Chad Fleck

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