New water district closer to reality

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton County legislators this week took action on the county’s planned new $1 million second water district to serve the Hales Mills Road Extension area.

The county in a 2017 capital project wants to construct a new waterline in that town of Johnstown area. The county hopes to attract new housing, commercial and retail ventures, and grow the tax base while creating jobs. Water District No. 2 will include eight parcels comprising 440 acres of land.

The project involves installation of 6,000 linear feet of a new 12-inch water main, hydrants, valves and a boring under Route 29. The line would be installed on the west side of Hales Mills Road Extension, and 20 property owners were initially asked if they were interested in being in the district.

Water will be supplied by the Gloversville Water Department. Properties would pay $155 per year, for 15 years. Fees can be paid one time at $2,325 or $155 per year over 15 years.

The new waterline will be part of the county’s ongoing Smart Waters initiative. The project was one of 88 projects awarded state funding in the Mohawk Valley Region in December through the Empire State Development Corp. The Hales Mills Road Extension waterline project, which received $250,000, is intended to improve the infrastructure to lure new retail businesses.

The county Board of Supervisors’ Economic Development and Environment Committee voted Wednesday at the County Office Building on two specific areas the county needs to focus on to create the district.

“There’s two initiatives going on,” county Planning Director James Mraz said Thursday.

Mraz also noted that bids for the waterline project will be opened at 2 p.m. Feb. 22.

The committee scheduled a public hearing on a draft map, plan and report, which Mraz said is required by the state for the proposed Fulton County Water District No. 2. The Board of Supervisors in December 2015 authorized a contract with Environmental Design Partnership of Clifton Park to do the work. The hearing will be set by the board on Feb. 13 for 1:30 p.m. March 13 at the County Office Building.

Fulton County Water District No. 1 is on Route 67.

Mraz said the state also requires the state Environmental Quality Review, or SEQR process for Water District No. 2.

“We started that process today,” he said.

The committee voted Tuesday to classify the creation of Fulton County Water District No. 2 serving properties along Hales Mills Road Extension as a Type I action. The committee also proposed the Board of Supervisors serve as SEQR lead agency, and authorize distribution of an environmental assessment form and Environmental Design Partnership’s report to other involved agencies.

Mraz said the Johnstown Town Planning Board recently approved a “concept plan” for the Hales Mills Road Extension development area. It includes properties between the extension and Ashler Road.

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at [email protected]

By Patricia Older

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