Thank you for helping out the veterans

To all veterans in Montgomery County:

How do you thank 20 to 30 kids, teachers and parents that came April 13, and raked, cleared up our whole yard. Teachers, Kathlyn McCarthy and Sheri Boardman and the Future Farmers of America and Junior Future Farmers of America from Fonda-Fultonville Central School came and worked in one hour had our yard cleaned up so great. It would take me all summer to get the raking of flower beds, pine needles picked up. Branches were picked up. They brought their own rakes and wheelbarrels.

They came through Montgomery County Veterans and Youth Bureau (518) 853-8152. The cars and trucks lined our whole street. If you are a veteran or know a veteran who needs any kind of help, have them call and get on the help list. So thankful for the spring cleanup of our yard.


Tribes Hill

By Kerry Minor

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