The spector of censorship


I am tired. Yes, I am tired of current education administrators, politicians, and media analysts telling us how to think and act. I’m from a fortunate generation that had teachers that taught us logic and highly encouraged us to read all points of view. To read fiction, biographies, history, and philosophy. I fear that today’s students do not get the same opportunities we had so many years ago.

No man is intended to be deprived of freedom of speech. The censors have not completely shuttered what we can read, or at least, not yet. But take a good look at what is happening in our country this very day and you can see that in the near future the specter of censorship is a reality.

I’ve audited a few courses in nearby colleges and was deeply disappointed to discover that a large number of students are not familiar with Jack London’s books and short stories. I was told that London’s writings have “racists language”-translation-not politically correct. I also discovered that our children do not know how to write or read cursive penmanship. These are just two examples, but what else is being abolished by education administrators to keep our children from achieving their full decision-making potential.

It is too often the case in political concerns, that the men state facts not as they are, but as they wish them to be. From the time of President George H.W. Bush to President Barack Hussein Obama, it is nearly impossible differentiate between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The current Republican Party is in essence the Democratic Party “Light.”

Anyone who has given the subject a glance knows that the liberal media tactic of dealing with political opponents by means of trumped-up accusations is nothing new, no pun intended. Look at how NBC underreports or completely neglects news that besmirch their liberal agenda: Harvey Weinstein’s sexual predatory behavior, Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s massive data transfer on government servers by a former IT aide, Hillary Clinton’s “pay for play” when she was Secretary of State as well as the Benghazi coverup. Imagine the media’s virulent attacks and Brobdingnagian lies if a conservative industry mogul or politician had performed those noisome deeds!

To judge from the conduct of the competing media, we are led to conclude, that they hope to evince the justness of their opinions, and to increase the number of their converts by the loudness of their declamations, and by the bitterness of their invectives. For example, the media repeatedly informs us that Americans are racists. Yet we voted twice for a progressive African-American with a muslim name for president, Barack Hussein Obama. This specious argument does not agree with reality.

What is the difference between MSNBC and Fox News? MSNBC pushes its progressive agenda, while Fox News pretends to be fair, but they are not. Fox News adds fuel to the divisive fire we are experiencing in America today. Recently, Bret Baier superciliously attacked Tom Price during his six o’clock “news” program. The next day, Price resigned as secretary of Health and Human Services. Would Mr. Baier have the moxie to extirpate a liberal politician with the same bravado? That remains to be seen.

Please read more, do not let anyone with a particular agenda corrupt your decision making process.

Rafael Polo resides in Northville

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By Patricia Older

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