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Cheers and jeers

March 7, 2015 CHEERS — To an overnight sensation. Young singer and musician Sawyer Fredericks of Glen suddenly appeared in the spotlight recently as a contestant on the NBC TV show “The Voice. more »»

A step back may be best

March 6, 2015 President Barack Obama has made it clear he is less interested in Americans doing things better than in doing them his way. That needs to stop, especially in regard to public schools. more »»

Limiting leaders OK

March 5, 2015 After the downfall of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, we noted term limits could help reduce the problems with corruption in New York state. more »»

What about constituents?

March 4, 2015 President Barack Obama can provide no scientifically based specific reason for vetoing a bill to allow construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline — but he has killed the measure anyway. more »»

Officials must watch spending

March 3, 2015 Administrators at the Greater Johnstown School District recently complained the state-imposed property tax cap for the 2015-16 school year will only allow for a 1. more »»

Fed up with mail delivery

March 2, 2015 Reflecting widespread dissatisfaction with changes made by the U.S. Postal Service during the past few years, U.S. Rep. more »»

Pursue ideas in new plan

March 1, 2015 Gloversville officials should pursue ideas laid out in the 2015 comprehensive plan. On Tuesday, the Common Council approved the new plan, which includes recommendations for improving the city. more »»

Cheers and jeers

February 28, 2015 CHEERS — To the idea of a traffic committee. Gloversville council members may form a committee to review the city’s parking regulations. more »»

Partisanship blocks work

February 27, 2015 President Barack Obama blames Republicans for gridlock in government. They just won’t compromise, he claim. more »»

Mandates need cutting

February 26, 2015 New York’s towns, villages, cities and counties can be sure of one thing — they will get precious little help from New York state in shedding the costs that are choking their budgets. more »»

U.S. can save lives

February 25, 2015 President Barack Obama has made it clear he believes the route to peace in our time leads through a campaign of making people in other nations like Americans. more »»

Reforms to aid justice

February 24, 2015 Judge Jonathan Lippman, the chief justice of New York’s highest state court, has proposed reforming the grand jury process in the wake of the controversial decision by a grand jury not to indict... more »»

Destroy terrorism

February 23, 2015 Neither Iraq nor Syria was the site of Islamic State terrorists’ most recent atrocity. It was in Libya that they kidnapped and beheaded nearly two dozen Egyptian Christians. more »»

Consider new tactics

February 22, 2015 Gov. Andrew Cuomo needs to reconsider his tactics. We jeered the governor last month for failing to specify how much state aid he was proposing for schools. more »»

Cheers and jeers

February 21, 2015 CHEERS — To a heck of an outdoor show, and its organizer. more »»

Change mindset

February 20, 2015 When U.S. troops invaded Iraq in 2003, they went in with the most sophisticated technology available. Helicopters, jet fighters, tanks, “smart” bombs, etc. more »»

Realistic limits needed

February 19, 2015 The more territory they capture, the more recruits they get and the more money they accumulate in their war chest, the more likely Islamic State terrorists are to launch an attack on the U.S. more »»

State can fill the Gap

February 18, 2015 Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he wants to increase education funding by $1.1 billion, and we think the place he should start is by eliminating the costly Gap Elimination Adjustment policy enacted in 2010. more »»

Falsehoods sway nation

February 17, 2015 It should surprise no one that the “if you like your insurance, you can keep it” president may have lied about his stance on same-sex marriage so the issue would not derail his bid for the White... more »»

Health law a hazard

February 16, 2015 Millions of Americans already have learned that Obamacare is hazardous to their financial health. more »»



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