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What about the people?

February 9, 2015 During the January artic spell, I kept wondering where the SPCA was. You’d get arrested for parking a dog out for half an hour in such conditions. more »»

Money, sex basis of crime

February 9, 2015 Money and sex are the basis of crime. People commit murder for money and sex. In our government, we see crime for mone. more »»

President Obama’s mindset a negative

February 8, 2015 In response to Rick Bedell’s letter to the editor and his reference to the terrorism in France, one must agree with his condemnation of these horrific actions by Islamic radicals against legitimate... more »»

Checks, balances being circumvented

February 7, 2015 Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manur. more »»

Fulton County sheriff sets a bad example

February 6, 2015 Recently I read the article in The Leader-Herald regarding Fulton County Sheriff Tom Lorey’s statement that he is against the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act and was... more »»

Facility would be setback for downtown

February 4, 2015 I am writing as an investor and manager of  Schine Memorial Hall and as an initial member of Mohawk Harvest Co-op and as a Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce member, both personally and... more »»

Find a different location for project

February 3, 2015 Recently, there was an article announcing a proposed $50 million development in Clifton Park. more »»

Rehab center wrong for Main Street

February 2, 2015 My name is Jennifer Voorhees and I am the owner of The Still Point Acupuncture, which is located over the Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market in downtown Gloversville. more »»

Site wrong for proposal

February 1, 2015 While I support St. Mary’s Hospital’s continued provision of treatment services, I do not think those services should be located in the recently closed NBT building on North Main Street. more »»

NBT should reconsider

February 1, 2015 This letter is written in reference to NBT Bank’s plan to donate its North Main Street building to St. Mary’s Healthcare for use as a drug rehabilitation facility. more »»

Cancel plan for drug rehab at old bank

January 31, 2015 Recently, I learned of NBT Bank’s plan to donate its property on North Main Street in Gloversville to St. Mary’s Healthcare for a drug rehabilitation facilit. more »»

Building could be anchor for downtown

January 30, 2015 I have read with much interest the published letters to the editor in this paper and others concerning the repurposing of the former NBT offices at 10-24 N. Main St. in Gloversville. more »»

Location wrong for site

January 29, 2015 This letter is written in reference to NBT Bank’s plan to donate its North Main Street building in Gloversville to St. Mary’s Healthcare for use as a drug rehabilitation facility. more »»

Wage boost will not help

January 29, 2015 Gov. Cuomo and his crack team of economic advisers — Larry, Moe and Curley — have once again proposed a political solution to an economic problem. more »»

Move could negate work

January 29, 2015 I’d like to add my voice to those who have taken a stand against the proposed gift of the former NBT Bank building to St. Mary’s Healthcare. more »»

Better locations for rehab

January 28, 2015 The spokeswoman for St. more »»

Plan would hurt growth

January 28, 2015 To St. Mary’s Hospital and NBT Bank: A prime Main Street block is not the place for a large addiction treatment program. more »»

APA, DEC try new ‘face’

January 28, 2015 As regulators, state government has acted as the Adirondack Park “police,” often preventing economic development in the region. more »»

Parents can get the facts about drugs

January 27, 2015 Children hear so many things about drugs, but we want them to learn the real facts. The trouble is it’s so hard to keep up with all the new drugs and new ways that old drugs are being abused. more »»

Bad move by St. Mary’s

January 27, 2015 Just when things were beginning to look up in Gloversville on Main Street, St. more »»



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