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Mind Over Body

Amsterdam business helps people achieve goals through hypnosis

June 15, 2008
By RICHARD NILSEN, The Leader-Herald
AMSTERDAM — Lee Pelletier wants people to be at their best. That’s why he named his business The Best You Can Be.

The certified hypnosis instructor has spent the past five years helping people to quit smoking, lose weight and change behavior through hypnosis, hypno-coaching, stress management, and wellness attitudes and behavioral change.

“I generally just need one session [of hypnosis] with a person to help them stop smoking,” Pelletier said. “There are no guarantees when it comes to matters of the mind, but I do make a promise, instead, to keep working with a person until they quit smoking for good.”

Pelletier said one smoking-cessation session costs $300, but he will work with the patient as long as it takes to succeed at no extra cost.

“I’ve lost two brothers to smoking, so I guess you could say I’m on a mission,” he said. “Even without the threat of death from cancer, smoking is irrational.”

Smoking cessation isn’t Pelletier’s only mission. He said he wants people to succeed in whatever they choose to pursue. Pete Major, originally from Johnstown, is a financial planner working with Halliday Financial in Albany. Major has worked in the area of financial planning for the past 10 years and says the hypno-coaching sessions he has with Pelletier have made him more efficient, organized and focused on his goals.

“In hypno-coaching, we go into great depth on goal setting and identifying goals,” Pelletier said.

Major said he has seen measurable success since he began working with Pelletier in February.

“I’ve seen a 25 to 30 percent improvement in my organizational skills, time management and getting the clutter out of my daily routine,” Major said.

He said the demands of his clients can be daunting at times, and cause him to lose sight of his primary goals.

“The day-to-day routine can be overwhelming,” Major said. “I’m aiming for a happy medium where I can see the big picture.”

Pelletier said many successful people use forms of hypnosis and self-hypnosis to help realize their dreams.

“Tiger Woods is a great believer in hypnosis,” Pelletier said. “Einstein used creative day dreaming and guided imagery which are forms of self-hypnosis as well.”

Pelletier said as much as 50 percent of curative therapy in treating disease can be due to “placebo effect,” which is mind over body.

Asked if people who are easily led or lack imagination tend to be easier to hypnotize, Pelletier said the opposite is true.

“Hypnosis is intimately related to intelligence,” he said. “Much of the pain and disease people experience is stress related. If a person is told they have six months to live, [he or she] tends to act like it is true even if it isn’t. Expectation impacts outcomes.”

Major said his hypno-coaching is paying off with greater earnings as he becomes more efficient.

“The increase in income is starting to show up,” Major said. “Working with clients is really a numbers game. The more efficient you become, the more people you can tell your story to, the more business comes your way.”

Jacalyn Squeglia has been hypno-coached by Pelletier since March. She said the experience landed her a “dream job.”

“I just started Monday with the Golub Corp. in information systems,” Squeglia said. “I got the job and salary I wanted.”

Squeglia said hypno-coaching is a mentoring process — not what she expected from hypnosis.

“You aren't really ‘put under’ in hypno-coaching,” she said. “It’s more an identification of core values, raising the bar for yourself and having higher expectations for yourself.”

Squeglia said she felt uplifted and exhilarated after each session.

“This was my first experience with hypnosis, and so I have nothing to compare it to, but I think it is excellent. [Pelletier] is a very good listener. I would recommend it to anyone,” she said.

Hypno-coaching isn’t cheap — four weekly sessions add up to $500 — but Major said it was worth it.

As for training other hypnotists, Pelletier said the field is growing, with a need to double the number of hypnotists yearly. A general hypnotist can help with smoking, weight loss and stress management. Specialty areas such as medical pain management and hypno-coaching are growing areas of expertise as well, Pelletier said. A 100-hour course leading to certification costs $1,795 and is roughly the equivalent of two semesters of study, according to Pelletier. The next hypnotist course begins July 7 in Amsterdam.

For more information, call 684-0148 or go to'>

Richard Nilsen is a general assignment reporter and can be reached at'>

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The Leader-Herald/Bill Trojan

Hypnotist instructor Lee Pelletier, left, provides
hypno-coaching to client Peter Major of Albany at Pelletier’s office in the Riverfront Center in Amsterdam Wednesday.



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