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Cheers and jeers

October 15, 2011
The Leader Herald

CHEERS - To permissive use. Gloversville Water Department Superintendent Chris Satterlee brought a need to the attention of the Common Council. In our opinion, the council or mayor should call a special meeting to act on it the minute the city attorney completes whatever paperwork is needed. The measure - granting the Water Department permissive use of the waterline serving the now-former Tryon youth facility - would be an immediate step to a possible permanent solution for regaining lost water revenues following the closure of the facility. If you want to read the entire story, go back to Thursday's Leader-Herald and catch up. In the meantime, if you live in Gloversville, make sure your representative does not let this idea go down the drain. Satterlee said it best: "It could be a home run if we could get our water and sewer out where development could happen."

JEERS - To nine years. Reports come out of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office, almost daily, on efforts to reduce state spending. In one of the news releases this week, state officials called for and received new bids on supplying road salt. Road salt may not seem that exciting, but the fact this was the first time the contract had been rebid since 2002 should have you steamed up enough to melt ice. For nearly nine years, nobody thought to see if we were getting the best price? Apparently, we weren't, because the winning bid will save the state $2.4 million and local governments $7.1 million. It is hard to wrap your brain around the lack of common sense.

CHEERS - To a growing community. The Fulton-Montgomery Community College and Liberty Enterprises communities have combined their green thumbs and strong backs to provide a community garden. Located on the campus of FMCC, this garden will supply its harvest to local food pantries while fostering important social interaction. This was a seed well planted. Cheers to all involved.

JEERS - To ducking out. Since Monday was a holiday, for some anyway, the Fulton County Board of Supervisors' regular meeting was moved to Tuesday. Before the meeting, a Social Services Committee meeting was held with seven members in attendance. They conducted their business and adjourned in time for all to attend the regular full board meeting. All but two found their way to the chambers. Johnstown's 2nd and 4th Ward supervisors apparently had another engagement. Two other supervisors were absent, but they weren't in the building in the first place. In some cases, there are obvious, acceptable reasons for missing a meeting, but we will continue to criticize anyone elected by the people who does not fulfill his responsibilities. Attending and participating in regular board meetings is one of the main responsibilities.



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