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President must have character

October 24, 2012
By JOHN SIRTOLI , The Leader Herald

A nation collapses when a corrupt ruler reigns over the people. Character is an essential quality in a president who is sworn into office, going from private life as an unknown citizen into the spotlight of the public eye. Americans will judge him on his competency to handle government affairs and the concerns of the American people on gun control, abortion, taxes, Medicare, energy, etc.

But, the American people, especially Christian conservatives, desire truthfulness in a president. Taking a peek into the past, Richard Nixon was impeached in the Watergate scandal. Bill Clinton engaged in a sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky. Conduct, my point is, flows out of character.

However, let me depart from the past and return to the present.

On Nov. 6, the American people, the U.S. electorate, will either select Mitt Romney, the presidential contender for the Oval Office, or elect incumbent President Barack Obama. I read with interest the article in The Leader-Herald on Oct. 7 titled "Truth twisted on the way to the White House." Obama had an underwhelming performance in a debate with Mitt Romney. "Now it's payback time for Obama and his supporters, defensive after the president's underwhelming performance [Oct. 3]."

Is the presidential election swinging toward Mitt Romney? Obama adviser David Axelrod called Romney (devoid of honesty) a deliverer of fraudulent lines, a man who was hiding the truth and the facts.

I feel there is "mudslinging" in this race to the White House. It will take a keen sense of discernment to elect a president to preside over this nation. Both political parties owe the American voting bloc honesty and truth and to come clean with Americans who stand for integrity.

"To the left and to the right, people in glass houses are throwing stones," said an Associated Press article in The Leader-Herald on Oct. 7.

Moreover, Obama stated, "You owe the American people the truth." Obama was speaking to a crowd but addressing his opponent as if he were there.

Romney exercised his right of free speech by asserting unequivocally as he slung his accusations at the Obama camp. "You're entitled to your own airplane and your own house, but not your own facts," Romney said.

Speaking for Mitt Romney, his spokeswoman, Amanda Henneburg, in turn accused Obama of telling lies about Romney's record. So, each campaign party is, in short, accusing the other of being deficient of character qualities. So, who will uphold the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, which our founding fathers framed on Godly, Biblical values?

A president is like a mirror. He is a reflection of the electorate who consigned him to political office - government for the people and by the people.

The Christian voting bloc - a huge segment of the voting population, and which upholds the holy standards of right and wrong - cannot endorse a president who does not adhere to the God of the Bible who declares abortion and homosexuality are judged and condemned. Sin has, will and always will be judged, since homosexuality and committing abortion are character flaws (Romans Chapter one verses 17-32. Gideon Bible).

Our greatest president, taking a peek back into the past, was Abraham Lincoln, known as Honest Abe. He upheld morality but did not become a Christian until his administration (Reference: sermon by D. James Kennedy. "Was Lincoln a Christian" Coral Ridge ministries).

In conclusion, I will vote for Mitt Romney since our current incumbent President Barack Obama advocates suppressing the rights of unborn to live and sexual perversion.

John Sirtoli, a guest columnist, lives in Gloversville.



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