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Obama bad for America

November 3, 2012
The Leader Herald

If Barack Obama were a Republican, he'd be impeached. How can anyone honestly support the current president? Are you better off now than you were four years ago? Do you feel confident about the direction the country is headed? Is it below the office of the president to always blame others for his failed policies? Does it infuriate you that the president looks into the eyes of Americans and lies and misleads them?

Yet, some voters still support a president who has been a complete failure. These partisan Americans put party above country.

Here's what Barack Obama's record looks like:

More blaming George Bush; four more years without a federal budget; a federal deficit over $16 trillion, projected to be $20 trillion by 2016; 23 million Americans unemployed.

Unemployment stands at 7.9 percent - it's closer to 15 percent. A?total of 900,000 Americans have given up trying to find a job. Obama relaxed the criteria to qualify for disability benefits, increasing the number to 8.8 million. Obama has also allowed states to waive the work requirement that requires Americans on welfare to look for a job or attend job training. This increased the cost of the welfare program to over $1 trillion. Millions more Americans are below the poverty level. A?total of 47 million Americans receive food stamps.

Americans must understand the peril of re-electing Obama if you are a gun owner. Obama supports U.N. gun-control measures. His selection of anti-gun federal and Supreme Court judges will threaten Second Amendment rights. In a second term, Obama will appoint over half the federal judges. There will probably be two openings on the Supreme Court. His last two appointees are no friends to gun owners. Justice Elena Kagan worked in the Clinton administration and pushed for gun control in the '90s. Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote there is no individual right to private self-defense with guns. If Obama has his way, the only people to own firearms will be the Mexican drug cartels that receive guns from Obama's Justice Department (fast and furious).

He has been dishonest with America on his $1 trillion failed stimulus and dishonest on Obamacare. The law steals $716 billion from Medicare, raises taxes, causes premiums to rise and threatens the quality of care.

I know New York will support the Democrat Obama no matter how bad it gets. Don't make another mistake. Fire Obama, vote for Mitt Romney and stop our fall from prosperity.





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