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Election provides important lessons

November 11, 2012
The Leader Herald

This election has taught me a couple important things. These are broad generalizations coming from national and local elections.

No. 1. Negativity works. Negative campaigning, whether it is ads or actions, works. The negativity has turned Americans against politics, yet the same people that complain about the negativity do not vote for a respectable candidate when they are presented with one.

No. 2. You cannot fight the machine. Grassroots campaigning does not work. No matter how many people you have on the ground, it is nearly impossible to win an election when you are fighting the political machine. The fight comes down to money and backing from a committee of old school politicians that make decisions that affect us all.

No. 3. People vote party line. Instead of educating ourselves and making a decision based on facts, people blindly follow the two-party system and vote accordingly. Many local races are directly proportional to party registration. It is easier to let those committee people make the decisions for you.

No. 4. America is changing. We are looking for something different. No longer is it what can we do for our country, but what can our country do for us. Instead of planning and creating personal safety nets, we rely on government to be that safety net in all cases. If we continue on this path, major aspects of our society must change or we will be confronted with a very challenging future.

No. 5. A broken system. The two-party political system is worthless. Now more than ever I can see that Republicans are the party of bad ideas and Democrats are the party of no ideas. People that show an independent mindset are swept aside for very partisan candidates and third-party candidates are not even considered.

The citizens of this country are consistently voting for the things that they say they hate most. We are placing the negativity, the machines and the partisanship in our capitols. You get what you vote for, and we seem to keep voting for what we loathe most.





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