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Coalition of the weak running country

December 1, 2012
The Leader Herald

The prevailing politics in our country is Chicago pink or possibly red: socialism, far left. This is a coalition of the weak - a constituency, the majority of whom believe the doers should provide amply for the takers, who believe government should determine all facets of standards of living. Share the largess.

Are you part of this constituency that wants to surrender freedom and opportunity to maximize effort and ability?

The public has re-elected a far-left, socialism- endorsing president with a coalition of takers.

This ruling society includes 71 percent of Hispanics, 93 percent of African-American descendants, 90 percent of academics, and 70 percent of single women and young students. Then, there are the scared seniors who fear being pushed off the cliff and the unemployed worried about entitlements.

The group includes excess government employees who are paid twice what they would receive from private industry. Then, there are the unions that exercise block voting to the party that can't say no.

Also of importance is the huge number of young men who simply prefer welfare to work.

Anti-women propaganda added many radical, young, impressionable girls to this constituency.

When all these people are added together, there is a constituency that totals 55 percent of the eligible voters.

In simple math, it is a nation on the exact path taken by the socialistic countries in Europe. That is where we are and where the majority has chosen for our future. We deserve what we will have.

To the Republican Party: There is a way to take back America. Put the facts out there. Say a liar is a liar, a "red" is a communist, and the simple fact is the half who are doers can't take care of the half who are takers. The entitlements will be first to fail when we go over the cliff.

Twelve generations have fought and strove for this democracy.

Once again, it may take a revolution to preserve what doing stands for.





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