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Editorials misleading, poorly researched

December 9, 2012
The Leader Herald

The Leader-Herald editorial staff has made its regret of the election results obvious through a series of recently published misleading and poorly researched editorials.

A prime example is the editorial on Nov. 28 titled "Defense needs more funding." This suggests that more funding be poured into defense, especially toward aircraft carriers, since the USS Nimitz is being sent home from the Persian Gulf.

In looking at current aircraft carrier construction, the USS Gerald Ford has reached $1.1 billion in cost overruns, with the total now being at about $12.3 billion, and this project is still several years from completion.

If Congress approves three more Ford-class carriers, the price tag will be about $42.3 billion. Criticism over new carrier construction is prevalent among many former Naval officers by their citing of the proliferation of drones and satellite imagery which make carriers easier to locate and thus more vulnerable.

The editorial also implies that reducing from two aircraft carriers to one would compromise security in the Persian Gulf. This again ignores the fact that for the months until the USS Eisenhower replaces the Nimitz, the U.S. Naval forces and warships will be stationed there, along with the remaining aircraft carrier, the USS John Stennis. In addition, Marines with a three-ship contingent, let by the USS Peleliu, an amphibious assault ship, also will be stationed there. United States presence in the region will be even stronger.

A final thought. It is a requirement that all letters to the editor be signed. However, no signatures appear with editorials, stating only that "Leader-Herald editorials are the opinion of the newspaper." Given the increasing volume of misleading editorials since the election, perhaps readers would like to see the newspaper adhere to the same policy that their readers must follow? This would require the name or names of those editorial staff members who participate in authoring the editorials, unless the opinions expressed in said editorials are "always unanimous."





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