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Dog owners must be responsible

December 30, 2012
The Leader Herald

I would like to offer a suggestion in response to the recent letter to the editor from Judith Marcoux regarding the number of dogs a person should be allowed to keep.

While I can understand her fear and concerns, why punish every one for the actions of those who are not responsible pet owners?

I would suggest those who have more than three dogs be required to purchase a permit from the city (in addition to the annual license fees).

The permit also would require those dogs to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and be contained to the owner's property (this should be standard for any dog owner).

If they do not comply, start fining them and/or impound the dogs at the owner's expense.

Not all multiple pet owners are irresponsible.

As for underground electric fences, I have had mine for 10 years. It is a DogWatch brand fence.

The company installed it and instructed me in how to train my dogs. In the 10 years I have had it, none of my dogs have left the yard.

I live in a subdivision on about three acres. The dogs have an acre to run and play. No, it does not keep other animals from coming into your yard. That has happened at my house. I try to find out who the stray dog belongs to and contact the owner. If that does not work, usually a few shots from the garden hose sends them on their way. If not, I call animal control.

While none of my dogs are vicious, I have a "beware of dogs" sign in my yard to warn anyone coming on my property (it does a good job of keeping salesmen away too). Dogs are dogs and one does not know for certain how they will react to a stranger.

A dog that gets enough exercise and attention from its owner is much more likely to be a better behaved dog and will most likely be around for a long time if not running loose.

What it comes down to is being responsible and proactive (taking the initiative to do all you can to prevent a problem). Nothing is perfect, but that is no excuse for not being responsible.


Zebulon, N.C.



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