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Should New York state pay bonuses of up to $20,000 to teachers who rate "highly effective" on their evaluations, as Gov. Cuomo has proposed?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jan-22-14 12:24 PM

Guess who's looking to the Teacher's union for support this fall

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Jan-21-14 6:57 PM

Well you can pay all you want because after Cuomo's latest comments far right conservatives need to go there will be know one to pay!

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Jan-21-14 4:21 PM

Well said gofigure! A couple of yrs ago there was an article about parents in the Buffalo area suing a teacher/sch district because the teacher had yelled "too loud" at their child causing him "insufferable harm and embarrassment." Prior to that, the same student had been reprimanded for stealing some personal items from a teachers desk, and before that was reprimanded for bullying another student. This "my Johnny can do no wrong" attitude is sickening.

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Jan-21-14 12:18 PM

I wouldn't be a teacher these days for any bonus. You have to deal with cowardly politically correct administrators who won't back you when you have to give a mouthy kid a good crack and even the parents get on your butt if you discipline nasty little Johnny or Jill. Its a loosing game.

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Jan-21-14 11:20 AM

While speaking out on this there are those who believe there is an unjustified animosity towards teachers. Some is justified but, from my point of view, this is not about teachers; it's about their union. Talk of paying a reasonable salary to professionals is all well and good as long as you, not a representative, is doing the talking. Sure, who does not want a good job? Good jobs and fair recompense are earned in the Free Market, not given away to the best/worse by a union contract. Can any of you Public School teachers quit the union today and, next week, still have the same job in the same school at the same pay and benefits as if nothing happened?

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Jan-21-14 9:13 AM

No. When it comes to teaching, "highly effective" should be considered the norm. Instead of handing out more for actually doing the job you are already being paid to do, how about eliminating those for doing anything less. There are plenty eager young individuals with crisp new degrees waiting to replace them.

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Jan-20-14 6:55 PM

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Jan-20-14 3:46 PM

Good old Andy, giving away our tax dollars again!

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Jan-20-14 9:58 AM

ADMINS doing a job??? Oppenheim and St.Johnsville have 2 of them on PAID leave. NO answer as to why. It is very sad the taxpayers do NOT even know.

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Jan-20-14 4:36 AM

amazing how few actualy know the struggles a teacher has nowday's. everyday it's the same story. open book. read book. test on what is read. and it's MANDATED that way. so if lil johnny doesn't get it. so sorry kid. and move on cause they HAVE TO. all part of the big picture.. doors only open to those that keep up. alway's been that way.. and confirms my feelings that higher education/administration is a farce. can anybody explain why every lil school district needs superintendants and asst supers? when every class is learning the same things? supposedly!!!

on second thought, never mind. i'm sure none of you have figuired it out yet.

it's to make sure the TEACHERS don't make any one student smarter than what the big machine want's them to be.

no chance of lil johnny growing up to stop the corruption... instead were programed to be corrupt right out of the gate.

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Jan-19-14 11:18 PM

Where are people with a MS in math or science making $150-200K per year? If they are working for somebody else they are lucky if they are making $50K. But it's OK if everybody thinks otherwise. Why then is there a shortage of math and science teachers? Because it is a heck of a lot harder than being a gym teacher who presides over a dodge ball game with whistle and coffee in hand, and you don't get paid more for busting your can teaching math or science. There are few people who volunarily work harder than everyone else for the same pay and no recognition. And, if you bring home school work, who has time to get administrator certification other than PE teachers?

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Jan-19-14 6:53 PM

taxtired...I know what you said but it's incomprehensible.."You can't teach what you don't know."??? The reason there is a shortage in advanced math and many sciences is because many of those people go into private industry and triple their incomes.

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Jan-19-14 6:08 PM

laker: You know what I said. Sad thing it is the truth.

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Jan-19-14 5:25 PM

One of the services offered through our BOCES should be hiring an attorney well versed in tenure laws full time to handle tenure law issues and proceedings for all schools in the BOCES. The legal fees will no longer be cost prohibitive for a district and will encourage the general betterment of the educational staffs.

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Jan-19-14 5:14 PM

Laker: You nailed it, "The problem is when incompetency isn't documented by admins." Where was the principal when this teacher was allowed to exist in a classroom for 30 plus years and s-c-r-e-w the kids out of a good education? He should have been brought up on charges right after the teacher's removal, but both the teacher and administrator were "nice guys", and the principal retired years later without his "nice guy” image being tarnished. This kind of BS is still going on, and the powers that be are more interested in not rocking their boat than they are of carrying out their duty and responsibilities.

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Jan-19-14 4:57 PM

The "union" will never give up any part of tenure laws. They have too much invested, and any weakening of the tenure laws will proportionately weaken the union. I know of a 30 year plus, over 55 teacher who was brought up on a 3020a hearing. After being removed from class and relieved of all teaching responsibility, he reported to the office each day and twiddled his thumbs for full pay. After an "investigation" of over a year, his union rep told him he was going to lose his case. He retired immediately, but not after costing the district over 100K in legal fees and padding his retirement with another year of service.

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Jan-19-14 3:18 PM

Taxtired...Huh?? TOT...The concept of tenure is "just cause" for termination. The problem is when incompetency isn't documented by admins. However I totally agree that the process must be streamlined to get rid of a's too slow and too costly.

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Jan-19-14 2:04 PM

I believe that the reward should be the job. You do it well you get to keep it, failure to do it adequately immediate dismissal without ANY PAY! Tenure is total bogus. Only have to work until you get it then anything goes? I am not in favor of it. The whole academic thing has got to be reconfigured to make teaching students the priority not just a side note to teacher benefits.

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Jan-19-14 1:40 PM

I guess a teacher can't teach what they don't know. No science and advanced math. Maybe they played to much beer pong.

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Jan-19-14 8:48 AM

Hill...I think it goes in cycles like with many other professions. And it also depends on the area...elementary positions are flooded, but shortages in most science positions and advanced math.

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Jan-19-14 7:45 AM

Get rid of all aids (teachers). cancel all half days for meetings and planning and make the teachers do their*****job like other occupations have been hit in since the mid eighties.

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Jan-18-14 11:02 PM

Useless idea. Who will grade them? Fellow teachers, who are friends? Who will share, perhaps the money? Not enough they have short workday, every holiday with pay, every nonholiday/conference/snow day with pay, extra money to run clubs, be coaches, paid "volunteer" crowd control for concerts, the list is endless. Plus free healthcare with little or no copays. So many teachers use same stale material each & every year, baloney to spending lots & lots of research time. Esp. now with easy teaching plans on the internet. HAH! Make them work year round, see how the rest of us live and work.

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Jan-18-14 10:17 AM

as for OVERPAID. certainly not teachers. now take a congressman or senator. as part time as it get's. even on the job there spending way to much time manipulating the stock market to give a crap about you and me.. if it's illegal for us. then it sure as help aught to be for them. in a down turn economy, we all should be working for min wage. and a true loyalist politician should be taking no pay. like many that didn't get voted in offered. i'll even take that point a bit farther and say that the world bank should be shut down till all these war's stop. since it's alway's about money. take it away from them. see who fights then.

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Jan-18-14 9:52 AM

we'll after watching the latest news on state policy. i'd say that the only way anybody's getting anything is if they are allready in the gov's pocket. right out of the "GOOD OL BOY'S" my way or the highway 101... does new york have any representatives that arn't freekin little gangsters? just watch him backpedal now.

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Jan-18-14 12:16 AM

Laker:.... "And if you think it's such an overpaid profession, go ahead get your 5 yrs of college, complete your student teaching, pass the certification test, get a job and start making all that "easy money". I think about a million kids took your suggestion and are waiting in the wings, credentials in hand, eager to get started.

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