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Are you satisfied with the transparency of local government?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Mar-24-14 2:59 PM

Bet Mrs H keeps her husband at home.

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Mar-23-14 11:41 PM

I said neither will anyone's husband and I meant it.

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Mar-23-14 7:53 AM


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Mar-22-14 3:16 PM

More likely you have a mean ex wife Mr Bob.

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Mar-22-14 10:52 AM

Mrshubbs, did you forget to add 'or wife' to your shot? I had hoped you'd have noticed and corrected it but since it stands, that omission in my opinion relegates the rest of your statement to the 'bitter and mean ex-wife' bin.

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Mar-22-14 10:39 AM

Politicians have managed to blur or re-identify the meaning of many words; immigrant, American and freedom to mention a few. Now it's my turn. I think they are all quite transparent, we can see right through them and we do not like what we see. No need to change the definition, WE need to change what we expect and their idea of transparency isn't one of them. So, quit the transparency talk, we changed our minds and now we want HONESTY, we'll better know when they're skrewing with that.

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Mar-22-14 8:16 AM

If we cannot get them to be transparent can we change the definition of what transparency is? Obama promised to have the most transparent presidency ever... I would say that HE is re writing the dictionary on a daily basis!

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Mar-22-14 4:53 AM

Convicted politician should have to pay back they entire salary from day one! Lose all perks and retirement that they voted for themselves! I am still surprised that HVCC still has the Convict Joe Bruno Stadium! Have to stop naming things after politicians! I rather name things after our Veterans more then a lying politician!

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Mar-22-14 4:49 AM

Local governments are a joke as they act like spoiled little children instaed of adults working together. Then there is the "Party" issue, neither one is any good except to point fingers at the other one. If either party was any good how come they lose control of seats, the Mayors office all the way up to the White House? Because they both lie and get caught. Make promises just to get votes knowing darn well they won't do it.

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Mar-21-14 3:38 PM

No politician will ever be more transparent than he/she is forced to be. Neither will anyone's husband. The people running Gloversville, Amsterdam and the Town of J'town and some of the other towns are only there to play control games. I ignore it because I don't expect anything from them.

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Mar-21-14 11:14 AM

Local governments are pretty good. The state on the other hand is a mess. I believe the state politicians and bureaucrats job is to convince you they are doing something when in fact they do nothing at all.

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