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Should Gloversville change its government structure and hire a city manager?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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May-07-14 1:41 PM

I would be interested to learn the total number of votes cast in this poll. I wonder if the Leader Herald would consider enabling that feature for us.

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May-04-14 1:00 PM

Why not study county consolidation and give us tax payers a freaking break.

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May-04-14 8:27 AM

I think that there are maybe 20 people in this city that would want to "run" it. Chances of getting someone that was going to do it for the right reasons from those 20 are not good at all. Finding an outsider to run our city as a business with the good of the city in mind, even less of a chance of that! We will survive this gang of wannabees and wait on the next bunch and hope that they will do something great. But with the exact same challenges and chances! No matter what you call the leaders they cannot lead by pushing their own agenda.

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May-03-14 11:45 PM

I don't think hiring a manager will make a diferance that we are looking for we have change quit a lot in our mayors office Mr King is only on his second term and he is the first multi term mayor in a lot of elections. the problem as I see it is the city board the same old people that can't get along with any mayor or each other to resolve the simplest issues our city government in fact spend more time arguing and pointing fingers then working together to solve the city's problems

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May-03-14 6:24 PM

I don't see the form of government being the issue.The only thing that can turn things around is employment. That is where the energy of all of those concerned should be. Employment brings pride, hope, and dreams. Without it, there is only despair and poverty.

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May-02-14 8:28 AM

The gray coalition should lobby against the disproportionate amount of funds going to the welfare well and too many able bodies lining up to chug at that trough.

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May-02-14 7:00 AM

That is a very good point Hill. If I may go sideways for a moment, we constantly hear about State funding being cut for worthwhile programs like The Cooperative Extension, cuts for the Developmentally Disabled to name a few, and we are barraged with the news that Federally, Social Security is running out of money but we NEVER hear about the Public Assistance system running out of money.

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May-01-14 9:17 PM

No change will be effective until the state lawmakers make public assistance the least favorable option.

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May-01-14 1:22 PM

I say set the PAY LIMITS before you pass anything, Let the voting taxpaying people KNOW what it is going to cost them!

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May-01-14 12:06 PM

It might be worth thoughtful consideration as improvements are desperately needed to improve how the city works. Enough of the same old, same old.

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May-01-14 8:08 AM

Changing your form of Governance is a huge step for a Community to take and should be considered in a reasoned, factual way. All options have to be discussed with the Citizens without an agenda of 'winning' or 'getting your way'. It took MC several years and a lot of discussion in order to achieve a Charter form of Government. Essentially, the Council-Manager form is the same, legislative power is allocated among elected members who then must be responsive to the Community in order to stay in office, separating their Political role from the daily operations of City Govt..i.e, Dept heads, employees, and City Business which would be the City Managers purview. If Gloversville citizens believe things should be different they should run for office and allow a trained Professional to take care of City Business unfettered, to the extent possible, by Mayor/Council politics. In my opinion, having experienced both types of Govt, having a City Manager would be far better than what you now have.

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May-01-14 7:37 AM

G'ville leadership will be virtually irrelevant unless conditions are created which lead to an improving economy. this must start at the State level - given Albany's leadership in this area over the past 50 years, this appears to be very unlikely.

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Apr-30-14 7:45 PM

No they should fire everyone and turn the lights out.

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Apr-30-14 7:31 PM

What do we have to lose? Mo' money. Two people not doing the job that one isn't doing now. You are not going to get a professional to come here. Period. You will get a political hack. An expensive political hack. Who will look very professional and give his state of the city speech telling the dummies that we need to spend, spend, spend.

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Apr-30-14 4:36 PM

Yes, And he should appoint his wife at $120,000 per year.

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Apr-30-14 4:01 PM

I would like to read the comments opposing this plan though.

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Apr-30-14 12:01 PM

I agree WW it's at least worth exploring. What have we got to lose?

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Apr-30-14 11:51 AM

I think it should be explored to determine if perhaps this might be a good change from the mayor-council form of government.

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