Remember that someone is praying for you

One of my favorite songs is called, “Someone is Praying for You.” The chorus goes like this, “Someone is praying for you. So when you feel like you’re alone and your heart will break in two, remember someone is praying for you.”

There have been times when I didn’t know how to pray or ask God for help. So instead I would cry hoping that God would hear the prayer that was spoken through my tears. Sometimes the hurt is so overwhelming and the stress and anxiety is so heavy and thick. Our heads hang low and our hearts even lower. The world gives us all sorts of temporary relief and false freedoms. We engage in these temptations only to emerge feeling less healthy and more dependent upon whatever name we have given to our drug.

I have found that the most sacred of places is in a quiet room alone with God asking whether with words or through tears that God would remember me and heal my heart and give me hope for tomorrow.

I find this hope and healing in the person of Jesus Christ. A man whose perfect love inspires and draws me away from the darkness of my fears and toward the light of a new life.

He has picked me up so many times and has even carried me along life’s journey.

But one other thing I believe Jesus does for me and you, He prays for us. I believe He is still alive and sits at the right hand of God. There He prays that you and I would believe in the life changing love of God. That we would throw off all the things that cause us and others harm and instead choose to live by a better standard, which is, to love and pray for one another.

Too many today are lonely and scared and still Jesus is calling out into this world and our hearts come to me and I will give you rest. Rest from fear and shame, loss and loneliness.

But we must make a choice of whether we want what Jesus is offering. He does not force anything upon us, but instead prays that we will except his invitation to believe and trust in Him.

So friends, I pray for you right now. That God will bless you and open your heart to new possibilities of life and love. Please know in your heart that someone is praying for you and Jesus loves you with a love that is greater than anything we have ever known.

The Rev. Brian Dykema is the pastor of the Johnstown Reformed Church in Johnstown.

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