FMCC offers opportunities to travel abroad

Fourteen Fulton-Montgomery Community College students, faculty and alumni ventured overseas to London, England, for FM’s 2016 spring break. Travelers experienced art exhibits, museums, Windsor Castle, the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and the diverse national cuisine – from fish and chips to chicken tikka masala. Students visited a nationally acclaimed musical, “In the Heights,” while some travelers even ventured to see an authentic “futball” game (Millwall vs. Sheffield United) during a typical Saturday afternoon in the south end of London.

Business students attended personalized business tours to match their international business curriculum and interactive meetings with Lloyds of London, an insurance market located in the city of London with over 25 billion pounds in gross revenues for 2014.

Business students then had an extreme contrast in business experience by visiting a young and exciting tech startup, Pavegen. Pavegen is dedicated to changing the way we think about energy by using smart flooring to capture energy and data with every footstep. Students engaged in meaningful conversations with startup executives to understand the daily work environment and long-term strategy of this dynamic startup.

For some travelers, this was their first experience off the continent, learning how small the global community really is and learning that international travel and business are in the palm of their hand. This travel experience helped students connect local issues to global ones and to become more culturally aware in our increasingly interdependent world.

Some of the quotes from those who attended the trip to London include: “I got to see a lot of the things most travelers get to see in London. But more interestingly, I got to see parts of London that aren’t on a tourist map;” and, “My favorite moments were not being able to say I experienced just London, but being able to experience the culture and history with friends and people who I now call friends. That’s what makes the difference.”

Business is an exciting field to work in with many opportunities for both professional and personal growth. If you have an interest in international relations and travel, consider signing up for the international business elective in spring 2017. In March 2017 (during the college’s spring break), all those interested will be traveling to Dublin, Ireland. Students and guest travelers will study similarities and differences in the cultural and business practices of the United States and Ireland.

Maybe you’re not interested in taking the class, but you are interested in traveling to Ireland; community members are welcome. The Ireland trip itinerary and pricing information can be found at

Perhaps a business course and traveling to Ireland isn’t your cup of tea, but an art course and/or travel to Peru is. Well, there’s another opportunity for you. As part of the non-Western art history class offering in spring 2017, Fine Arts Professor Joel Chapin will be taking all those interested to Machu Picchu, Peru, in May 2017. This trip will allow students to earn college credit from FMCC while experiencing the exciting culture, rich history and art of the Andes.

The Peru trip itinerary and pricing information can be found at Of note, anyone who signs up for either trip by the end of April will receive a $150 discount.

For more information on these trips and/or the classes, contact Business Instructor Mark Swain at [email protected] or Art Professor Joel Chapin at [email protected].

Mark Swain is a business instructor at FMCC.

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