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From left, Glove Theatre Board President Bryan Taylor, Ruby & Quiri Leadership Team member Amy Karas and Glove Theatre Board member Marcia Weiss pose for a picture at The Glove Theatre Monday afternoon. (The Leader-Herald/Josh Bovee)

GLOVERSVILLE — Ruby & Quiri, Inc of Johnstown recently made a lasting contribution toward the revitalization of the Glove Theatre by donating and installing carpeting to the entrance way and concession stand areas of the historic downtown building — a donation valued at roughly $3,000.

First ward councilwoman and Glove board member, Marcia Weiss, said she is “ecstatic” about the commercial grade, charcoal gray indoor carpeting, which was installed by Ruby & Quiri on Aug. 20.

Weiss said the partnership between the The Glove Theatre and Ruby & Quiri came about through a working relationship with Ruby & Quiri leadership team member Amy Karas, who was instrumental in making the donation a reality.

“I’ve known Amy for 30-some years and we’ve done a lot of business together. [Ruby & Quiri] has always been a great partner with the city, so I just thought that possibly they’d like to help us out,” Weiss said on Monday.

As it turned out, Weiss’ inkling was correct as Ruby & Quiri quickly took action, securing the materials and installing them within several weeks of the initial request.

“It was fast. I called [Amy] and asked if she’d like to meet with [me and fellow board member Sharon Polling]. We met later that day at Mohawk Harvest. I don’t think it was even two weeks later, she called and said we were getting the carpeting and then, ‘viola!’” Weiss said, while gesturing towards the new carpeting.

Karas said Ruby & Quiri was more than happy to contribute to the revitalization of the Glove Theatre, as it feels the theater can play an integral role in stimulating the growth of the community.

“It really is a great community venue,” Karas said. “I think there’s a great team of people involved in running it and we wanted to be part of it.”

Ruby & Quiri has been involved in numerous charitable donations throughout the years, including recent donations to the Purple and Gold Booster Club of Johnstown in an effort to help fund the city’s athletic programs.

“We’re involved in a lot of local charities. We support the community because the community has supported us for 70 years and we like to give back,” Karas said.

Glove Theatre board president Bryan Taylor said Monday that Ruby & Quiri’s contribution is “a stepping stone to a continued relationship” with local businesses in the community.

“I think the continued collaboration with not just Ruby & Quiri but other local businesses [will help] make this theater the economic catalyst that the board really thinks it can be,” Taylor said.

Taylor said that the Glove Theatre has received numerous contributions from local businesses and organizations, including monetary donations, supplies and labor, and general clean up from places such as Fulton County Electric, Correll Contracting, Attorney John Clo, Taylor Made Products, the Gloversville Fire Department, and more.

“They’ve generally been great contributors, and a group of folks that we really want to continue to work closely with,” Taylor said. “It’s not just the theater any more, it’s the city, it’s our community, it’s everyone together. It’s really our community that will bring the Glove forward.”

In the midst of revitalization, the Glove Theatre board is also busy setting up programming in its ongoing efforts to open the theater up to the public. In August, the Glove hosted four performances of “Willy Wonka Kids,” as well as a collaborative music and dance performance featuring Utica Dance and the Caroga Arts Ensemble. On Sept. 21 it will host a screening of the 1975 cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” The screening is open to the public at an admission cost of $10.

Taylor said The Glove Theatre

Planning Committee has several other events in the works, including a classic film series and a battle of the bands.

“We’re motivated to program as much as possible. Our goal is really to be open to the public and to show the community that our doors are open and we’re working hard to get programming in line for the rest of the year,” Taylor said. “We’ve got a very invigorated board with a very diverse group of people from all facets of our community, so we’ve got the right group of people and the right dynamic to keep this momentum going forward.”

For more information on the Glove Theatre events schedule or to become a volunteer or donor, visit online at www.theglovetheatre.com or www.facebook.com/thegloveperformingartscenter.

By Josh Bovee

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