St. Mary’s opens new Podiatry Health Center, welcomes Dr. Opese

Dr. Alpha Opese, a podiatrist, recently joined St. MaryÕs Healthcare. His brand new practice is located at 446A Guy Park Ave. in Amsterdam. (Photo submitted)

AMSTERDAM — St. Mary’s Healthcare would like to welcome Podiatrist, Dr. Alpha Opese, DPM, who specializes in foot care for all ages — from neonatal to adult to caring for the foot health of our older community.

Dr. Opese and his team are excited to bring the brand new podiatry practice to St. Mary’s Healthcare and the great Capital Region. 

“During my residency, not far from Amsterdam, I was introduced to not only the region, but also the community and the people here. I knew early on I wanted to establish a practice in Upstate New York. It was an easy decision when the leadership of St. Mary’s reached out and offered me a position to join their medical staff — I was more than ecstatic to be part of the community,” Dr. Opese said in a news release.

The newly remodeled Podiatry health center is located at 446A Guy Park Ave. in Amsterdam, designed with special attention for our patients in need of foot care.

“Knowing that some of our patients will need to see us when it’s difficult for them to walk, we designed this space with plenty of hand rails, ramps and other safety measures to make their visit as easy and as comfortable as possible,” St. Mary’s Podiatry Practice Manager Krishna Cionek said in the release.

Dr. Opese completed his Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from Kent State University, in Cleveland, Ohio. He then completed an intensive three years of PMSR/RRA (Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency with Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery) from Our Lady Lourdes Memorial Hospital, in Binghamton.

Upon completion of his residency, Dr. Opese was recognized as a qualified podiatrist by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery.

He is well versed in the management of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions of the foot, ankle, and leg.

Dr. Opese has a mastery of the skills required to provide a full spectrum of podiatric care that ranges from skin and nail problems, to bunions, hammer toes, ankle pain, tendinopathies, fractures, and various foot/ankle deformities in all ages.

In addition to his skillset, Dr. Opese has a personal interest in the management of neurological foot and ankle disorders encompassing, but not limited to, progressive talipes cavus (high arch), spastic ankle equinus (toe walking), and diabetic foot neuroarthropathies (Charcot foot).

“Whether clinically or surgically, I will work with the patient, their lifestyle and their goals to determine the best treatment for their podiatric concern,” Dr. Opese said in the release.

Dr. Opese is now scheduling patients to be seen at the St. Mary’s Podiatry Health Center.

For an appointment, questions, and help transferring your previous medical records, Dr. Opese and the St.Mary’s Podiatry Health Center can be reached at (518) 770- 7880 or visit for more information. 

By Paul Wager