First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union hosts its 49th annual meeting at main office

First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union recently hosted its 49th annual meeting at its main office in Gloversville. (The Leader-Herald)

GLOVERSVILLE — First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union recently hosted its 49th annual meeting at the Main Office located at 355 Hales Mills Road, Gloversville.

Vincent La Porta, Chairman of the Board, extended a warm welcome to those in attendance and introduced the Board of Directors.

He noted that the position of Board Member is a voluntary position with hours spent on committees.

He thanked the Board of Directors for their service and commitment to the credit union.

He emphasized that the credit union was resilient and boasted another successful year despite the challenges faced.

LaPorta applauded the loyal members, committed Management Team, and very hard-working staff and the dedicated Board of Directors for the continued success of the Credit Union.

He hoped for a more celebratory annual meeting for 2022. He ended his report wishing the audience good health and safety in these trying times.

Gail Ryan, Supervisory Committee Chair, explained that the Credit Union functions to meet the needs of the members.

The Supervisory Committee oversees the general operation of the Credit Union to ensure it propriety.

In addition to the Supervisory Committee review, an outside audit was performed by FJP & Associates, Inc, and an examination by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) was conducted.

The audit and examination found the Credit Union books to be in balance, the procedures, and operations in compliance with federal credit union regulations.

The audited financial statements were not reproduced in the annual report to members. New committee members are welcome, and Ryan can be contacted at the Credit Union if anyone is interested.

Brenda Coon, President/CEO began by introducing the Credit Union staff in attendance and extended a sincere thank you to the Board of Directors, Management Team and Staff for the dedication and support she received through these trying times.

Coon stated, “Amidst the challenges in 2020, we were determined to stick to our strategic plan. We delivered a new digital banking platform, a new website implementing ADD compliance with digital dexterity along with boosting cyber security defense solutions protecting both our members and the Credit Union.”

She continued to report that with 2020 in the rearview mirror, they will focus on 2021 which seems to hold promise for some stability but is still wrapped in a whole lot of uncertainty and concern.

Despite that, the credit union will continually evolve and offer products, services and delivery channels making it easier and more convenient for members to access and manage their accounts.

With that said, they are committed to enhancing technology, continually advancing; therefore, providing a stable and convenient way to electronically bank between navigating the pandemic, the economy, and a remote future. First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union has remained stable and strong in 2020.

She concluded by thanking everyone for being part of First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union. She said, “There is no First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union without you!”

LaPorta presented recognition awards to the following employees for their years of service: Lucille Fraser, 15 years of service; Bobbi-Jo Whitman, 15 years of service; Brenda Coon, 20 years of service; and Kim Hlozansky 20 years of service. Brenda Coon, Lucille Fraser, and Allyssa Clemons were recognized for their perfect attendance.

Melody Burton, Vice Chairman of the Board, presented one nomination for a three-year term on the Board of Directors: Dan Richardson.

The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

By Paul Wager