Liberty ARC receives industry honor

AMSTERDAM — Liberty ARC, the Montgomery County Chapter, NYSARC, Inc., has been awarded the Workplace Excellence Award by the Bivarus Company.

This prestigious, national award is given to only a select few companies, each year, who achieve high standards in workplace communication, employee satisfaction and leadership excellence.

“On behalf of Liberty ARC I’m honored to accept this Workplace Excellence Award from Bivarus. Our management team has worked closely with Bivarus to be able to achieve these impressive results,” said Liberty ARC CEO Jennifer Saunders, in a news release. “Liberty ARC has always recognized that our employees make us what we are; they are our biggest strength and most valuable resource. We are thrilled to hear that our employees feel appreciated and know that we respect what they have to say.”

This award is given to healthcare organizations that have demonstrated excellence in the workplace using criteria designed by Bivarus, Inc. and exemplified in the client’s Engagement Survey results. The award is based on survey results from February 2017, which showed that Liberty employees (92 percent) strongly felt that the organization was a good place to work.

Employees answered questions rating the following areas: attention to employee needs, communications, employee involve- ment, department leadership, direct supervision, overall work environment and employee satisfaction and engagement.

Through these survey results, Liberty ARC showed evidence of workplace excellence by meeting or exceeding the established Bivarus criteria related these categories.

Survey results highlights:

∫ 92.4 percent indicated that the person they report to cares about them as a person;

∫ 88.6 percent indicated that they have had the opportunity to learn and grow within the last year;

∫ The awarded organization must have a minimum participation rate of 68 percent, Liberty, which employs over 850 people, had employee survey involvement of 80 percent, significantly above the national average.

In each of the seven areas Liberty ARC scored in the “high” range when compared to data from other organizations in the Bivarus survey database, of over 200,000 employees nationwide, meaning the organization’s survey results showed significant positive feedback.

According to Connie Saunders, senior consultant for employee engagement at Bivarus: “In working with leaders at Liberty ARC, I have found a true commitment to employee engagement and a passion for learning how to recognize and reward employees. Liberty ARC’s senior leadership team takes action on survey results and continually assesses the culture of engagement in their organization.”

By Patricia Older

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