Meeting held to discuss Guy Park Manor

AMSTERDAM — A meeting of concerned Amsterdam residents and local historians was held recently to discuss the rehabilitation and restoration of Guy Park Manor, according to a news release by the committee’s spokesman, Norm Bollen.

“Guy Park Manor, built is 1766, is Amsterdam’s oldest building,” said Bollen.

“It deserves to be restored and opened once again to the public as a place to explore our colonial history and promote heritage tourism in our city.”

The initiative, spearheaded by the newly formed Mohawk Country Inc. was attended by trustees of the Historic Amsterdam League, the Amsterdam Daughters of the American Revolution and the Old Fort Johnson Historic Landmark.

“Heritage tourism is a five billion dollar industry in New York,” said Bollen, and Montgomery County has more colonial American and Native American heritage sites than anywhere in the upstate New York area.

“Reopening Guy Park Manor as a heritage tourist attraction will help shape the city of Amsterdam and Montgomery County into a great American Heritage destination. A well-thought-out destination tourism program is a vital component to any economic development plan. Tourism is your “window” on the area for others to look in on your community and see what your community has to offer.”

Mohawk Country Inc. represents colonial era historic attractions throughout Montgomery County. Its goal is to promote, protect and preserve the counties historic attractions, and in the process create a new tourism model for Montgomery County. Since the demise of the Mohawk Valley Heritage Corridor Commission, no agency has been working to preserve and promote area heritage.

The committee plans to reach out to local politicians for support and petition the state to work with the organization in reopening the historic site to the public. Guy Park Manor was originally operated by state Parks and Recreation but was closed over 20 years ago. Reopening the site as a tourist attraction would be good for the city and create a companion attraction to the new Pedestrian Bridge.

For more information on the Mohawk Country initiative, email [email protected]

By Patricia Older

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