Phi Theta Kappa strong at FMCC

PTK officers and members at Ayres Animal Shelter with PTK co-advisor, Susan Mac Leod. (Photo submitted)

Phi Theta Kappa’s (PTK) Alpha Alpha Upsilon chapter at FM is both an honor society and a student club. As an honor society member, an interested student must have completed 12 hours of associate degree work, with a grade point average of not less than 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale).

As a PTK club member, any and all students at FM are welcome to join. As a club at FM, PTK promotes scholarship, the development of leadership, the cultivation of fellowship among students at FM, and service to the community, which is very near and dear to the students’ hearts. Community service is one of the main hallmarks of the Alpha Alpha Upsilon chapter. Many of its members embody the purpose of this club and are committed to making a difference within the community.

During the fall 2017 semester, PTK officers and members donated their time to the Ayres Animal Shelter by visiting as a group on Wednesday afternoons, going on outings with shelter dogs and playing with shelter cats, to give them love and affection while they are waiting to be adopted. For many of the animals at Ayres, the shelter is often the best life they’ve ever known; PTK members are helping to enrich that life even more.

In addition, on Dec. 14, PTK officers and members visited Amsterdam High School with hopes of providing future college students with valuable information regarding how to make the best transition from high school to college.

With a presentation titled, “How to be a successful college student,” the PTK members discussed five main points which included, 1) Don’t be afraid to ask for help — use all resources available, 2) Always attend class and be present – even a few days off can affect your performance, 3) Study what you love, not what you think you should study — passion for the material studied has a positive impact, 4) Don’t be afraid to fail — this is where you learn resiliency, and most importantly, 5) Learn to make time for yourself — not only does it help your physical and mental health, but it can make you happier and help to maximize your overall performance.

 The PTK members also shared their personal experiences, all with varying backgrounds, but each with a unique journey of success. These journeys ranged from having to learn a new language and embrace a new culture in a new country; balancing employment, family and academics; or, other numerous challenges, with the hope of reaching out early to high school students and emphasizing that they, too, could achieve success in college, despite the many challenges that are ever present in life.

The remarkable commitment of these PTK members is one that they share wholeheartedly with other FM students. Additionally, what they share are those hallmarks of scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service to help make our college and our future a better place. 

If you would like to become a part of FM’s PTK Alpha Alpha Upsilon chapter or just learn more about PTK, e-mail [email protected]


Flor Trespalacios is a health studies/anatomy & physiology instructor at FM and a PTK co-Advisor, along with Anya Biel, Matthew Kerns, and Susan Mac Leod. 

By Patricia Older

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