The Glove receives $1K Stewart’s match grant

GLOVERSVILLE — The Glove Performing Arts Center recently received a $1,000 donation from the Stewart’s Holiday Match. Amy Potter, Holiday Match program director, announced that a record-breaking amount of more than $1.89 million is being allocated throughout the area, half from Stewart’s customers and half from the Stewart’s Foundation, according to a news release.

The Stewart’s Holiday Match program has now allocated more than $24 million since the program started in 1986, the news release stated.

Executive Director Richard Samrov of the Glove Performing Arts Center, noted the Stewart’s Holiday Match funds will be used for the children’s production of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians Kids this summer. The theater comes alive with the sounds of children, and this year will be no different. The summer program stresses inclusion, so every child, ages 5-18, who auditions will be cast. Those children who prefer to be behind the scenes will be given their choice of any of all backstage roles. Workshops will be held so children can make informed decisions about choosing lighting, set design, costuming, sound or props. They are mentored by the volunteers in the area they choose. Older students will be encouraged to mentor the younger children with adult supervision, the news release stated.

The funds will also be used for licensing the rights to perform the production and for costumes, materials, and supplies for the children to create and construct sets and props. At the conclusion of the program, each child will attend a cast party and receive certificate listing their personal accomplishments, which is anticipated by the children each year, the news release stated.

By Patricia Older

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