National Grid to partner with FCAA

FONDA — The National Grid’s Fuel Conversion Program provides free, high-efficiency heating system conversions for low income, Home Energy Assistant Program qualified customers currently heating with oil, kerosene or electric, who own their own home and have natural gas in their area. National Grid will supply 150 feet of gas line to the home.

For a limited time, National Grid is partnering with Fulmont Community Action Agency to help qualified customers convert, covering up to $7,500 towards conversion (water heaters may be included). A call to Fulmont Community Action Agency’s Energy Services Department at (518) 853-8359 can help determine if who qualifies and if natural gas is available to their home, according to a news release.

Converting to natural gas heat can make a big difference from reducing energy bills to improving the planet. Once converted, benefits include the price advantage compared with heating oil to cut utility bills, more efficient equipment to reduce energy use, lower Co2 emissions to preserve the planet, reliability and convenience, and less soot for a cleaner home.

By Josh Bovee

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