Fulton-Montgomery Community College Dean’s List

JOHNSTOWN — The following is the dean’s list for the fall semester at the Fulton-Montgomery Community College.

Brianna Adams of Gloversville, Chad Agerter of Mayfield, Joshua Agrestsa of Amsterdam, Julia Airey of Johnstown, Adetomi Akintitan of Brooklyn, Kings County, Tiahna Aldi and Brenda Alessi, both of Gloversville, Brittney Allen of Fort Plain, Haley Almy of Mayfield, Yvonne Ambrosino and Joseph Amsinger, both of Gloversville, Caitlin Anadio-Pitkin of Amsterdam, Nicholas Angelo and Princess Armstrong, both of Gloversville, Richard Arnold of Edinburg.

Christopher Bagdon of Amsterdam, Jasmine Bailey of Hagaman, Estelle Baines of Fort Plain, Ronald Baker of South Glens Falls, Saratoga County, Melissa Baker of St. Johnsville, Hannah Ball of Johnstown, Alexander Balogh of Gloversville, Daniel Banewicz of Amsterdam, Emily Barker of Gloversville, Aidan Barnhill of Amsterdam, Kristianna Battisti of Fultonville, Kala Battisti of Palatine Bridge, Monique Beam of Canajoharie, Jessi Beauregard of Fort Plain, Nadene Becker and Tracy Beekman, both of Amsterdam, Janine Belden of Gansvoort and Dominique Bell of Ballston Spa, both of Saratoga County,Vanessa Bellamy of Amsterdam, Richard Bellinger of Gloversville, Broc Bellinger of Johnstown, Alexis Beman of Mayfield, Nicole Bentley of Johnstown, Samantha Bertos of Gloversville, Emily Bertrand of Scotia, Schenectady County, Cameron Biche of Gloversville, Kyle Biel of Johnstown, Dennis Bier of Amsterdam, Jackie of Bishop of Middle Grove, Saratoga County, Patrick Blake of Johnstown, Svetlana Bleichner of Fort Plain, Kayley Bonificio of Gloversville, Thomas Booth of Fort Plain, Rhiannon Bornt of Gloversville, Alexandria Borst of Johnstown, Jessica Bortell and Leslie-Ann Boucaud, both of Amsterdam, Alexis Bourdeau of Hadley, Saratoga County, Elijah Bowley of Palatine Bridge, Alona Brae of Gloversville, Christopher Brandon of Ballston Lake, Saratoga County, Michael Braunwart of Canajoharie, Kaeli Brenan of Wells, Jay Briedis of Canajoharie, Lindsay Brockhum of Caroga Lake, Tesa Brody of Broadalbin, Darcy Bromley of St. Johnsville, Amy Bronson of Gloversville, Cody Brooker of Amsterdam, Destin Brooker of Gloversville, Michael Brown of Johnstown, Heidi Brown of Fonda, Kaitlin Brubaker of Mayfield Devin Brunetto-Burd of Amsterdam, Hayley Bruse of Johnstown, Isabel Bullis of Fultonville, Jennilyn Burgess of Sharon Springs, Schoharie County, Rose Butler of Johnstown, Juliana Buyce of Gloversville, Kristen Camino and Sierra Campos-Tovar, both of Gloversville, Angela Capovani of Scotia, James Carey of Pownal, Vt., Shannon Carley and Juston Carley, both of Cherry Valley, Otsego County, Kasey Carter of Fort Johnson, Ashley Carter of Galway, Saratoga County, Siyue Chen of Amsterdam, Li Chen of Lexington, Ky., Kayla Chevalier of Cohoes, Albany County, Cristin Cislo of Amsterdam, Robin Clark of Schenectady, Joshua Clark of Sprakers, Rebecca Clough of Broadalbin, Savannah Colliton, Jessie Cooke and Sarah Cooke, all of Amsterdam, Dakota Corapi of Johnstown, Brittany Coughlin of Fultonville, Michael Countryman of Fort Plain, Nichole Craig of Johnstown, Douglas Crocetta of Gloversville, Ryan Crooker of Johnstown, Aubrianna Crowe and Chasity Cruz, both of Amsterdam, Constantin Culai of Mechanicville. Saratoga County, Sarah Cuomo of Sprakers, Robert Damasco of Amsterdam, Stephanie Daniels of Staten Island, Richmond County, Ryan Darling of Canajoharie, Aleshya Darling of Gloversville, Misty Davidson of Amsterdam, Elaine Dawson of Hagaman, Briana Dean of Johnstown, Matthew Decker of Gloversville, Rusty Decker of Hagaman, Abby DelCostello of Johnstown, Nicholas DelMedico of Caroga Lake, David DelRio of Gloversville, Alicia DeRuscio of Fonda, Allie DiCaprio of Amsterdam, Brianna DiCaprio of Pattersonville, Schenectady County, Ashley Doney of Fort Plain, Shelby Dopp of Mayfield, Abigail Douglas of Fonda, Hayleigh Dreaney-Power of Johnstown, James Dudar of and Jacob Dudar, both of St. Johnsville, Kayla Dutcher of Mayfield, Rane Dutcher of Gloversville, Abigayle Dybas of Amsterdam.

Michaela Eagan of Galway, James Earl of Broadalbin, Devina Eberts of Gloversville, Carly Eglin of Amsterdam, Selim Elfeky of Gloversville Haydn Elmore of Altamont, Albany County, Jodi Farda of Johnstown, Leo Farda of Little Falls, Herkimer County, Patrick Farrell of South Glens Falls, Christina Fedullo of Fort Johnson, Natalie Fernandez of Amsterdam, Gabriella Fernandez of Gloversville, Michelle Ferraino of East Berne, Albany County, Alexis Fisher of Johnstown, Audrey Flanders of St. Johnsville, Jill Flansburg of Johnstown, Taylor Flint and Spencer Flint, both of Amsterdam, Nicole Folmsbee of Sprakers, Trevor Folts of Fort Plain, Alayna Forker-Hester, Jaime Foss, Kimberly Francisco and Katherine Frank, all of Gloversville, Spencer Frenyea of Johnstown, Michael Friguletto of Schenectady.

Alessandra Gaetano, Anthony Gaetano and Kyleigh Gailor, all of Amsterdam, William Galster and Tracy Gibson, both of Gloversville, Seth Gifford of Pattersonville, Taylor Gifford and Cameron Gilligan, both of Amsterdam, Hannah Gizara and Christian Gizara, both of Ballston Spa, Shawn Glionna and Sydney Goodier, both of Gloversville; Alicia Gordon of Broadalbin; Morgan Grandshaw of Canajoharie, Kylie Griffiths of Gloversville, Emma Guisti of Amsterdam, Angela Guisti of St. Johnsville, Celine Gustas and Richard Guttenberg, both of Amsterdam, Dorothy Guzielek of Johnstown.

Sarosh Haider and Janice Hambor, both of Gloversville, Kaylee Hampton of Mayfield, Colleen Handy-Rowback and Jordan Hanna, both of Gloversville, Hunter Hanrahan of Tribes Hill, Jenna Hanson of Fonda, Belinda Hanumuthoo of Brandywine, N.Y. Shelby Harblin of Ballston Spa, Jody Harris of Ballston Center, Saratoga County, Jack Hart of Amsterdam, Tyler Hart of Gloversville, Claire Hayes of Johnstown, Amanda Hayes of Gloversville, Elizabeth Hayward of Johnstown, David Hazzard of Gloversville, Ashley Hebert of Fort Plain, Bahja Helou Haddawi of Gloversville, Marshall Hildreth of Fonda, Courteney Hill of Johnstown, Ka Man Karmon Ho of NT, Hong Kong, William Hoenzsch of Johnstown, Jacob Holland of Broadalbin, Amari Hollingsworth and Trey Holloway, both of Amsterdam, Joshua Hopkins of Gloversville, Mikhaila Houser of Fultonville, Siyao Huang of Jingzhou, China, Briana Humphrey of Gloversville, Dannie Hunt of Amsterdam, Victoria Hunter of Schenevus, Otsego County, Edward Hurst of Amsterdam, Helen Hutt of Canajoharie.

Skyler Illsley of Fonda, Brittanie Ingalls and Marie Insogna, both of Amsterdam, Bayley Irelan of Johnstown, Rami Issa of Gloversville, Megan Izzo of Galway, Sarah Izzo of Amsterdam.

Michelle James of Fonda, Jennifer Jaquay of Dolgeville, Crystal Jeffer of Fultonville, Lance Jennings and Mallory Jennings, both of Broadalbin, Jun Hyeok Ji of Johnstown, Brittany Jobin of Amsterdam, Brittany Johnson of Gloversville, Jeannie Johnson of Pattersonville, Jana Johnson of Plainfield. N.J., Brittany Jones-Messina of Johnstown, Jefferson Jurado of East Elmhurst, Queens County.

Miyuki Kanamaru of Gloversville, Takuya Kanda of Hachioji-City, Japan, Debbra Kane of Gloversville, Mohammad Karimi-Nia of Amsterdam, Sarara Kasatani of Johnstown, Eva Kauhane of Amsterdam, Sarah Kempter-Swain of Caroga Lake, Dezarae Kennedy of Middleburgh, Schoharie County, Hudson Kennedy of Caroga Lake, Hyo Mun Kim of Busan, Korea, Emily Kincheloe and Jennifer King, both of Gloversville, Katharine King of Middle Grove, Chelsea Kisielis of Amsterdam, Joshua Klare of Johnstown, Caitlin Kowalski of Amsterdam, Cheyenne Krauss of Gloversville Rebecca-Lynn Krolikowski and Sharon Kruger, both of Amsterdam.

Mackenzie LaBate of Saratoga Springs, Julianne LaBreche of Galway, Emily Ladeau of Mayfield, Ethan Lalli of Gloversville, Catalina Lange of Amherst, Erie County, Taylor Lanza and Madison Lanza, both of Amsterdam, Gabriella Larned of Scotia, Victoria Laurange of Amsterdam, Jennie LaVada of Gloversville, Derek Lee and Daniel Lentini, both of Johnstown, Patricia Leto of Fort Johnson, Kacie Levoy of Amsterdam, Yingzhe Liu of Yongning District, China, Chunyang Liu of Tianjin, China, Calli Logan of Fort Plain, Erika Loose of Amsterdam, Samantha Loucks of Caroga Lake, Hunter Louscher of Amsterdam, Sierra Luck of Gloversville.

Suhang Ma of Shanghai, China, Kayla Malanowski of Schenectady, Jamie Malecki, Kathia Maracayo and Jennifer Marek, all of Amsterdam, Francesca Marshall of Gloversville, Arianna Marti, Riley Martin and Gabrielle Martin, all of Amsterdam, Rosemary Mateo of Gloversville, Joshua McCaffrey of Nassau, Rensselaer County, Nateesha McClarren of Fonda, Seamus McCormick and Kendra McCoy, both of Johnstown, Kathleen McDermott of St. Johnsville, Champagne McGrier of New York, Emily Mead of Amsterdam, Camryn Meca of Mayfield, Fahad Mehmood of Gujranwala, Pakistan, Natalie Metz of Johnstown, Anthony Miller and Kyla Miller, both of Fultonville, David Miller of Gloversville, John Miller and Deesha Mohan, both of Johnstown, Tracy Monge of Amsterdam, Zachary Monks of Broadalbin, Joshua Montenaro of Hagaman, William Montgomery of Schenectady, Jordan Montgomery of Broadalbin, Kalyn Moore of Interlaken, Seneca County, Chris Moore of Fonda, Elyse Morales of Northville, Jessica Mora-Martinez of Amsterdam, Cristina Moreno Jacome of Saratoga Springs, Leif Morford of Fultonville, Justin Morse of Lake Pleasant, Evan Morse of Galway, Julian Mortzheim of Gloversville, Alyssa Mosher of Amsterdam, Tayler Motyl of Scotia, Melissa Muir of Amsterdam, Cheyenne Munson of Fort Plain, Valerie Mussey of Gloversville, Rebekka Myers of Mayfield, Seth Myers of St. Johnsville.

Sekoya Nearbin of Fort Plain, William Newcomb of Albany, Dat Nguyen of Hanoi, Vietnam, Cao Lan Chi Nguyen of Bien Hoa, Vietnam, Eric Noonan of Johnstown, Katarina Nordby of Fonda, Kirsten Norton of Mayfield.

Courteney Oare of Broadalbin, Michaelyn Oare of Gloversville, Meghan O’Connor of Amsterdam, Cara Olbrych of Hagaman, Brice Olin of Amsterdam, Madisyn Orsell of Johnstown, Mercedez Ortell of Gloversville, Robert Osborne of Johnstown.

Julius Padilla of Bronx, Bronx County, Lindsay Palmer of Carlisle, Schoharie County, Christopher Panasiuk of Amsterdam, Daniel Parslow of Fonda, Nadia Payan of Mayfield, Courtney Pazzaglia of Gloversville, Jacob Petrie of Johnstown, Kaylin Phillips of St. Johnsville, Kaetlyn Piasecki of Glenville, Schenectady County, Trevor Pike of Gloversville, Lori Pingitore of Amsterdam, Julia Plumadore of Gloversville, Mellissa Plummer of Mayfield, Kaellina Poppell of Fonda, Kathleen Povey of Hadley, Julia Preston of Johnstown, Ava Priamo of Amsterdam, Lindsay Price of Broadalbin, Shawna Prime and Kevin Prior, both of Gloversville, Danielle Prock of Ballston Spa.

Daniel Quillan of Northville, Liam Quinn of Johnstown, Tristana Quinones of Gloversville, Joseph Quist of Amsterdam.

Tiffani Ragle of Gloversville, Kimberly Ranaldo of Canajoharie, Victoria Rath of Johnstown, Ciara Rathke of Gloversville, Kierra Reid of Fort Plain, Kyra Rhinesmith of Hagaman, Samantha Richardson of Fultonville, Joseph Rider of St. Johnsville, Kylea Ritchie of Gloversville, Brittany Rivera, Bridget Rivera, Alexander Rodriguez, Lyssette Rodriguez, Robert Rodriguez and Rachel Rodriguez, all of Amsterdam, Jennifer Romaine of Fort Plain, Kaitlyn Romanowicz of Amsterdam, Brian Rood, Gillian Rosmarino and Shirley Ross, all of Gloversville, Naomi Rothrock of Sprakers, Monica Rouse of Hagaman, Christine Rulison and Coty Rulison, both of Johnstown, Holly Russell of Palatine Bridge, Hannah Ryder of Broadalbin, Jane Ryle of St. Johnsville.

Mary Sabol and Nataliya Salada, both of Amsterdam, Amy Saltsman of Fonda, Jenna Salvagni of Gloversville, Raymond Santiago, Lauren Santiago and Daniel Sargent, all of Amsterdam, Glenn Savarese of Northville, Chloe Schiemer of Broadalbin, Modesta Schuyler VanWagner of Johnstown, Bretton Scofield of Sprakers, David Servello, Youssouph Seydi, Gloria Seydi and Jessica Seyfried, all of Gloversville, Jennifer Shepard of Northville, Jena Shepard of Broadalbin, Michael Shufelt of Amsterdam, Sunpreet Singh and Andrew Sitterly, both of Johnstown, Lyndsay Siudy of Amsterdam, Laura Slansky of Fort Hunter, Tawyneann Smida of Fonda, Destiny Smith of Amsterdam, Peter Smith of Edinburg, Drew Snyder of Mayfield, Jacob Snyder of Esperance, Schoharie County, Robert Sokolsky and Kayla Sondrup, both of Amsterdam, Danielle Sowle of Gloversville, Tyler Spaid of Johnstown, Matthew Spain of Fort Plain, Taylor Spencer and Matthew Spencer, both of Mayfield, Breanna Sprague of Fultonville, Patrick Sprouse and Marielle St. Aubin, both of Johnstown, Colin Stark of Amsterdam, Stacy Steele of Gloversville, Lequela Steen of Amsterdam, Kristina Stewart of Johnstown, Sarahann Stockman of Middle Grove, Gabrielle Strait of Gloversville, Breanna Strouse of Northville, Na’jon Subik of Johnstown, Nicholas Suits of Canajoharie, Tiffany Swartz of Amsterdam, Alexander Sydow of Sharon Springs.

Jaymes Taylor of Johnstown, Nicholas Taylor of Wells, Yume Tazawa of Aomori, Japan, Jerold Telford of St. Johnsville, Aliyyah Thomas of Johnstown, Grace Thomson of Piseco, Binh To of Ho Chi of Minh City, Vietnam, Quyen Tran of Long Xuyen, Vietnam, Duanne Travis of Johnstown, Jodi Trumbull of Canajoharie, Yan Wai Tse of Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong, Anthony Turnbull of Hagaman.

Sharon Unislawski of Gloversville, Muhammad Kashir Usman of Gujranwala, Pakistan.

Jasmine Van Avery of Fort Plain, Kelly Van Nostrand of Gloversville, Jesse Van Nostrand of Johnstown, Loghan VanAlstine of Fort Plain, Alex VanDeusen of Johnstown, Kirstin VanRenselaar of Canajoharie, Heavenlee Vazquez of Gloversville, Brianne Vecchio of Amsterdam, Sarina Vega of Catskill, Greene County, Zachary Verde and Erica Vickers, both of Amsterdam, Alexandra Vincent of Gloversville, Alexandra Visco of Amsterdam, Tuyen Vu of Ba Ria Vung Tau, Vietnam, Vu Vuong of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Robert Waldbillig of Amsterdam, Krista Walker of Mayfield, Susan Walker of Amsterdam, Michaela Walter-Atty of Northville, Boyang Wang of Beijing, China, Andrew Washburn of Gloversville, Katerina Werth of Northville, Deana Wheeler of Broadalbin, Kelsi Whipple of Fonda, Bailey Whitbeck of Amsterdam, Andrew White of Gloversville, Kasey Wilder and Erin Willett, both of Johnstown, Alexis Williams of Amsterdam, Brennan Williams of Troy, Rensselaer County, Jeantal Williams-Burpee of Amsterdam, Madison Willis of Mayfield, Kaylee Wilson of Fort Edward, Washington County, Kelsi Winney of Broadalbin, Jenah Winters of Fort Plain, Mark Wood of Johnstown, Noah Wygel of Latham, Albany County.

Julia Yanno of Gloversville, Kaila Young of Johnstown, Matthew Young Parker of Brooklyn.

Alexandra Zarrelli of Amsterdam, Samantha Zemken of Northville.

By Josh Bovee

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