Gloversville to again host 100in1 Day

GLOVERSVILLE — This year, Downtown Gloversville is again hosting 100in1 Day: Gloversville on Saturday, May 2.

Last year, Gloversville was the first city in the United States to successfully launch a 100in1 Day event and reached all corners of the city with vibrant activities and oceans of volunteers, according to a news release.

Individual volunteers, community groups, businesses and local residents are invited to join the event. Activities can range in size and scope, and virtually anyone can foster an idea that sprouts into an activity. They can be as small as handing out promotional cards in walking “hotspots,” planting flowers around stop signs and lampposts, or working in conjunction with other volunteers to paint a downtown mural. The possibilities are certainly endless.

100in1 Day is an international movement currently in 60 countries. 100in1 Day acts as a “civic incubator,” where ideas and contributions are generated and validated by active and engaged citizens. The event is meant to bring people together on one single day to perform 100 (or there abouts) acts of positivity for their community with as much expression and openness as possible. More broadly, 100in1 Day is meant for every citizen to be involved and contributive.

Some activities hosted last year included communitywide spring cleanups, car washes, free fitness classes, craft workshops, food drives, free community concerts, dance competitions, item giveaways, sporting events and tournaments and art shows.

The organization is looking for eager, enthusiastic, and engaged community members to help plan and execute the event. It could be a business owner, someone who works downtown or anyone in the community who is looking to help us make a positive, lasting impact on the city.

In-person meetings will be held once per month starting in February and will conclude in May. Some email communication may be necessary thereafter. Participants my be asked to help contact possible community groups, musicians, etc. to help fill-in programming for the day and for ancillary logistics. Participation is not required for more than two or three hours per month in total.

No one has to work the event unless they wan to. A general call for volunteers will go out as the date comes closer.

Contact James Hannahs, Gloversville downtown development specialist to help plan the event or have an activity listed. He may be reached at [email protected] or at(518) 725-7700, Ext. 1004.

For full details about 100in1 Day: Gloversville and other downtown events are available at

By Josh Bovee

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