Glen Mohawk Seniors meet

GLEN — The regular meeting of the Glen Mohawk Seniors was called to order by President Joe Mancini at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday. The morning prayer was given by Chaplin Allan Taylor. The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was recited by all members.

Vice President Gloria Kimball took roll call with 18 members present.

The secretary’s report was read by Joe Mancini, no corrections were made. A motion to accept the secretary’s report as read was made by Esther Porcello and second by Lois Collins. A vote was taken and accepted by the membership.

Treasurer Olive Taylor read the treasurer’s report.

No Sunshine Communications report.

Committee reports:

Lu Wilmot said there was nothing to add at this time to the Trip Committee plans.

Charlene Fonda updated the membership on the Christmas party. It will be held at the Holiday Inn at Johnstown on Dec. 1, beginning at 11:30 a.m. She passed out informational sheets showing the choices for lunch which consist of breaded chicken, broiled filet of haddock, and sliced prime rib. All entrees are served with mixed green salad, chef’s potato and vegetable, baked rolls, dessert and coffee and tea. In addition, the committee will, this year, be collecting non-perishable food items for the office of the aging in Montgomery County. Food, towels etc. will also be accepted for the Office of the Aging for replenishing their pet pantry.

Olive Taylor has purchase a tape recorder to tape our meetings

Unfinished business:

Gloria Kimball reminded us that we will have a Boo Mystery Grab Bag event at our next meeting, Oct. 20, Members can bring an item in a bag with anything in it that they would like to donate and a grab bag selection would be held.

Gloria Kimball also reminded us that at our Oct. 27 meeting, we will have our Halloween Dress-up Day. We will be judging the various costumes.

New business:

Gloria Kimball welcomed the members to take items that were donated by the Reformed Church, needed by the members such as masks, baby powder, candy, apple pies, sugar substitutes and cleaning supplies. We thank Cara Bruno for thinking of us.

Joe Mancini announced that our yearly audit will be done on Nov. 10. All participants agreed.


Barbara Furman announced that she is having a garage sale all of this week.

Thank you: Peg LaBarge thanked the membership for her birthday card.

Trivia and readings:

Charlene Fonda had an interesting list of 1960s trivia which was enjoyed by the membership.

Joe Mancini did a reading on what was called, “They Walk Among Us”.

Daily Raffle 50/25/25:

Winner of first drawing was Ester Procello and the winner of the second drawing was Dorine Dimond.

A third drawing was done for a puzzle, winner was Joan Daley.

There was no Bingo held at this meeting.


First motion to adjourn was made by Addie Forsey and second by Pat Putman.

Closing prayer was given by Allan Taylor.

Meeting ended at 11:30 a.m.

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