Liberty ARC employees honored for milestone achievements

AMSTERDAM — Liberty ARC honored 111 employees who have reached employment milestones within the agency on Wednesday night. During a recognition service via Zoom, employees were given awards for achieving years of service in increments of five up to 45 years; an impressive 1,610 cumulative years of employment with Liberty ARC. In the past, employees were traditionally treated to an awards dinner at the Raindancer Restaurant in Amsterdam, however due to COVID-19 precautions, employees were treated to take-home meals from Raindancer instead.

“Liberty ARC is extremely proud and appreciative of all of our milestone employees,” Liberty ARC CEO Jennifer Saunders said in a news release. “Their dedication to the agency, especially during this unprecedented time, not only shows in the amount of years they’ve been here but is also reflective in the positive and generous words from fellow co-workers. This is one of my favorite nights of the year — celebrating the heart of Liberty ARC, our staff. I know this year wasn’t how we typically celebrate, but I hope everyone still felt recognized for their years of service. Congratulations to our milestone year employees.”

Recognized for an extraordinary 45-year commitment was Enclave Supervisor Lorraine Pagles, the longest tenured employee at Liberty ARC. Pagles began her career as a Licensed Practical Nurse in 1975, and after 18 years she switched to a different career path as a skills trainer for individuals looking to broaden their work skills. Pagles was so successful in this field that she was quickly promoted to the Vocational/Enclave Supervisor at the Amsterdam Print location, teaching work skills and tools necessary to be successful in the workplace.

40-year recognitions

Dorreen Perretta and Rosemary Rajter. Perretta serves as the Quality Technician of Liberty ARC’s manufacturing division, Liberty Enterprises. She transitioned into this role 10 years ago after working as a production and enclave supervisor. Rajter is the Scheduling Coordinator of the agency’s Family Support Services program. She started her career in the business office, transitioned to the residential department, then found her home with FSS.

35-year recognitions

Nancy Botaitis and Steve Mack were both recognized for 35 years of dedication. Botaitis is an Assistant Habilitation Specialist who spent 32 years in the residential, medical transport and FSS settings before moving to the Community Connections day program. Mack has been a mechanic at the agency since 1985; during his 35 years of service, he’s performed maintenance on more than 6,000 agency vehicles.

Other acknowledgements

30-year recognitions were given to Nancy Cole, Employment Support Specialist; Deborah Wallin, Senior Habilitation Coordinator; Shirley Combs, Direct Support Professional (DSP); Janet Czeski, Registered Nurse (RN); Barbara Dziedzic, Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant (COTA); Anita Greenhill, Assistant Manager; Dawn Santuccione, Assistant Manager; Raechelle Valenti, DSP; Justina VanDyke, DSP.

25-year recognitions were given to Erin Benjamin, DSP; Louise Bouton, Assistant Habilitation Specialist; Michelle Chovit, DSP; Susan Ferry, DSP; Suzanne Field, Senior Habilitation Coordinator; Heather Kolodziej, Assistant Manager; Wendy Moore, Incident Review Manager; Candy Opalka, Chief Operating Officer; Kara Reed, Senior Habilitation Coordinator.

20-year recognitions were given to Stacey Antos, Assistant Director; Ami Deay, DSP; Gary Hanson, Construction Manager; Valerie Harrington, Admission and Intake Coordinator; Samantha Loucks, Assistant Manager; Tauna Lucas, LPN; Kelly Martelle, Assistant Habilitation Specialist; Elizabeth Rosado, Assistant Manager; Joseph Santos, Recruiter; Deitra Stockwell, Assistant Habilitation Specialist.

15-year recognitions were given to Beth Baran, DSP; Jennifer Bernardo, Assistant Director; Melissa Chrysler, DSP; Meagan Collins, Speech/Language Pathologist; Kathleen Foster, Executive Administrative Assistant; Brenda Lapi, Assistant Manager; Karen Lawyer, Assistant Habilitation Specialist; Erin Mabbett, Assistant Habilitation Specialist; Bernadette Masten, DSP; Bethany Nitsky, DSP; Deborah Oliver, Assistant Director; Karen Passino, DSP; Beth Perry, Assistant Habilitation Specialist; Laura Reiken, Transportation Supervisor; Julio Rodriguez, DSP; Vanessa Rulison, Admissions Coordinator; Patricia Squillace, DSP; Angelica Torres, Medical Assistant; Jennifer Saunders, Chief Executive Officer; Patricia Wellman, DSP; Anna Wozniak, DSP.

10-year recognitions were given to Brenda Abbott, Assistant Manager; Ricky Beck, DSP; Jessica Belden, DSP; Ashley Bunker, DSP; Elizabeth Carpenter, Assistant Habilitation Specialist; Jill Coffin, DSP; Dawn Colegrove, DSP; Mary Coman, Assistant Director; Christine Costanzo, DSP; Connie Dingman, DSP; Shanna Dufel, Administrative Secretary; Brittni Hardnett, DSP; Anne Hulse, DSP; Susan Jones, Assistant Habilitation Specialist; Christopher Malec, Assistant Manager; Nitza Maynard, COTA; Jessica Mazur, Senior Habilitation Coordinator; Stacy Parrino, Assistant Habilitation Specialist; Gavin Murdoch, Training Specialist; Timothy Peacock, Assistant Manager; Ada Peters, Senior Habilitation Coordinator; Beth-Anne Sansig, Assistant Habilitation Specialist; David Stewart, DSP; Gregory Stowell, Programmer/Analyst; Elizabeth Ubiles, RN.

An additional 31 employees were acknowledged for five years of employment: Taylor Andrews; Runako Brathwaite; Kayla Caldarone; Rachel Christman; Melissa Colon; JoAnn Conway; Amanda Gilston; Lory Graff; Leila Green; Kristopher Hansen; Tammy Hunter; Kaitlin Kretser; Stacey Larmond; Ashley Mitchell; Casandra Morrell; Timothy Newhart; Susan Pacillo; Reina Perez; Daniel Rhodes; Aida Roman; Joshua Sahler; Angel Santiago; Keely Santiago; April Scheels; Amy Snell; Kelly Stafford; Christopher Tucker; Evita Valentine; Hidania Valentine; Ashley Walton; Kelly Yager.

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