Nigra Center offering several art classes this month

GLOVERSVILLE — The Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts, 2736 Route 30, has added two local artists to its arts instructor roster, with both offering classes this month, according to a news release

Cheryl Bielli is a state-certified art teacher who has taught art for Johnstown and Gloversville schools.

She owns an art studio in Gloversville; freelances from home; and is illustrating a children’s book. She has skills in a range of two and three-dimensional media, including clay, wood, plaster, soft sculpture, acrylic, oil and watercolor paint, and drawing media such as ink, design markers, pastel and charcoal.

Daniel Patrick Fay, a visual artist and performer, graduated from The Pratt Institute, where he studied painting, object-based theater and art education.

In 2009, he was awarded a grant where he studied regional puppetry (wayang). In 2012, he opened up a theatrical production shop, where the work he did was showcased in major productions on both stage and screen.

He lives locally with his wife, Melanie Fay, who is also an instructor at the NAC, and their daughter.

The NAC is currently offering both in-person and virtual classes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for in-person classes, the center must limit attendance in order to practice proper social distancing, and masks must be worn at all times.

This month Fay is offering the following classes, all in-person:

∫ Tuesday and Friday introduction to impressionism.

∫ Feb. 16, and Feb. 19, Klee’s creatures.

∫ Feb. 23, and Feb. 26, palette-knife portraits.

Bielli’s in-person classes this month include:

∫ Wednesday Valentine wine glasses.

∫ Feb. 15, President’s Day palooza for kids (morning and afternoon sessions).

∫ Feb 17, ceramic blossom bowl — two-part class (Part I – building — March 3, glazing and decoration (Part II)

Other in-person classes for this month include quilling Art with Brenda Dwyer on Feb. 25.

There are also a number of virtual classes, via Zoom, that are available.

For more information on these classes or to register, go to the NAC website at

The in-person classes are also listed on the Arts Center Facebook page: Those interested may also contact the Nigra Arts Center at (518) 661-9932 or via email at [email protected]

By Patricia Older