Senior group conducts meeting

CAROGA — The Nick Stoner Senior Citizens Club issued the minutes of its meeting from Aug. 3:

The meeting was called to order by Mary Lou Paterson, President. Everyone said the Our Father and the Pledge of allegiance to flag was made.

Mary Lou made note that someone had interfered with scheduling of the 80+ luncheon by calling and changing the date of the event. Also, someone decided to contact the vendor re: the T-shirt order and color. She noted that no one but the chairperson of an event of project is to interfere with these projects.

Secretary Janice Mclaughlin read the minutes for the prior meeting with no corrections.

Barbara MacFee gave the treasurer’s report

The hospitality report was given by Jean Griffin.

Marie Shoop gave the sunshine report.

Shirley Holliday gave the membership report. 2 new members, 2 dues

Janice McLaughlin mentioned that there will be no new information on Pen Pals until the new school year.

The trip report was given by Grace Eglin. Lake Champlain on Aug. 10 will pick up at Johnstown McDonald’s at 7:30 and at the town hall at 8 a.m.

We received a letter from Johnstown High School honoring Hailey Wallace with our yearly scholarship. Also received a thank you for donation to Alzheimer’s association.

Under old business it was discussed again about the T shirts.

Linda Rhinehart updated all on the 80+ luncheon that will be held at Saltsman’s

Jean Griffin and Marie Shoop were thanked for their continued help with meetings and craft fair, etc.

Grace Eglin and Marie Shoop updated all on the Anniversary Luncheon on Oct. 18, 2021. The club was first started in 1979. It was decided to have the luncheon at the Pleasant Lake Lodge.

Marie Shoop mentioned thank you to Jean for all help.

Linda Rhinehart mention her PHD and a donation to come for the club. No work on Jeopardy yet.

Motion to adjourn made by John Schwartz and Linda Rhinehart. Meeting was adjourned.

By Paul Wager