Meeting Minutes: Nick Stoner Senior Citizens Club, Oct. 5

Nick Stoner Senior Citizens Club
The Oct. 5 meeting was called to order by Jean Griffin, Vice-President at 12:35. Jean led everyone in the Our Father and the Pledge of allegiance to flag was made. Hello neighbor was said.
A basket will be made up for Lorraine Bleyl. Grace read a letter she received from Lorraine.
The secretary’s report was given by Janice McLaughlin and accepted with one correction.
The treasurer’s report was given by Barbara MacFee.
The Hospitality and sunshine reports were given by Jean Griffin and Marie Shoop. No refreshment committee needed for Oct. 19. Several cards were sent out.
Membership report was given by Shirley Holiday, with 3 new member applications still outstanding.
The pen pal report was given by Janice McLaughlin. We needed two more seniors. Bonnie and Grace Eglin will take another pen pal so that we can cover the 17 students we have this year.
Linda Rhinehart gave a trip report that she has checked with other clubs on what they will be doing nest year and has a suggestion sheet for potential trips.
Under new business, a motion made that we give a donation to St. Jude, by Grace Eglin and seconded by Marie Shoop.
Grace Eglin has enough dictionaries for the 3rd grade and will deliver them on election day to the class with Shirley Holiday and Linda Rhinehart.
Motion to adjourn was made and adjourned. There were 14 members in attendance.

By Rodney Minor

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