Meeting Minutes: Nick Stoner Senior Citizens Club

CAROGA — The Nov. 16 meeting was called to order by Marylou Paterson-President at 1:40 pm. Marylou read an inspirational poem. Following the poem, Marylou Paterson led everyone in the Our Father and the Pledge of allegiance to flag was made.
The secretary’s report was given by Janice McLaughlin and accepted as read.
The treasurer’s report was given by Barbara MacFee. The bake sale held on November 2nd netted twice as much as last time. The treasurer’s report will be sent back to audit.
The Hospitality report was given by Jean Griffin. There was discussion regarding the possibility of having dinner out instead of the usual Christmas party. It was voted to have deserts at the December 7th meeting.
Marie Shoop gave the sunshine report and sent out 2 birthday, 1 anniversary, 1 get well and 2 thinking of you cards.
There were no new Membership or trip news.
A gift basket was made for a shut in member and will be delivered this week by Barb Macee and Grace Eglin.
Both Marylou Paterson and Deb Renodin thanked everyone for the get well wishes and cards.
It was brought up and accepted to make donation for area churches North Bush Church and the Bleeker Community. We also voted to add a donation to the Life Savers ministry, the Food Pantry of Gloversville.
Motion to adjourn was made at 2:20 and adjourned. There were about 30 members in attendance.

By Rodney Minor

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