Mohawk Town Board appoints officials

MOHAWK – The Town Board appointed various officials at its organizational meeting Jan. 3.

Each appointment is for one year unless otherwise indicated.

Attorney Robert Kruger will stay on as the town attorney and the Zoning Board of Appeals Attorney.

Lula Wilmot will act as the dog control officer and rabies response agent.

David Freeman will stay on as town historian.

Kimberly Sullivan, town clerk, will continue to be the vital statistics registrar for the Consolidated Board of Health, with Florence Guiffre serving as deputy registrar and deputy town clerk.

Zoning enforcement officer will be Michael Scott, while building code enforcer will be Ronald Hinkle.

Wayne DeMallie will serve as the Planning Board chairman.

Andrea Piscione and Judith Holvig will serve as bookkeepers for the town.

Jenry Araujo will serve as chairman for the Zoning Board of Appeals, and Florence Stanton will be the chairwoman for the Board of Assessment Review.

Bruce Pavlus will be the chairman for the Highway Committee.

Gregg Rajkowski, town supervisor, also will serve as the budget officer.

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