APA postpones clear-cutting action

RAY?BROOK – For the second time in two months, the state Adirondack Park Agency has postponed action on a controversial proposal that would streamline the review process for certain kinds of clear-cutting on private lands in the park.

The proposed general permit, called “Silvicultural Treatments for Sustainable Forestry in the Adirondack Park,” was slated to come before the APA board Thursday for a decision, but it was pulled from the agenda Wednesday by agency Chairwoman Lani Ulrich.

“Lani wanted to postpone it to give the board more opportunity to deliberate,” said APA spokesman Keith McKeever. “It’s a big and complicated issue, and she wanted to make sure they have enough time to make a decision.”?

McKeever said staff will deliver an informational presentation today on sustainable forestry and the need to develop more streamlined permit processes. He said the agency is also planning a legislative public hearing on the general permit and will invite forestry experts to speak to the board.

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