Mayfield schedules hearings March 21

MAYFIELD – The Town Board on Tuesday scheduled public hearings for its March meeting regarding a sewer and storm water district and changing two properties from residential to commercial zoning.

The hearing on the sewer and storm water districts will be for a housing project planned to go on Paradise Point.

Supervisor Richard Argotsinger said the cost of the project will be paid only by the landowners in the housing project as they will be the only residents benefiting from the districts.

“It won’t be a townwide expense,” he said.

The housing project is expected to provide homes for 20 people. It will have six buildings – some two-unit buildings and some six-unit buildings.

The board will hold the hearings during its March 21 meeting, which convenes at 7 p.m. The water district and the sewer district hearings will remain open until the board closes them.

Zoning hearings also will be conducted for a property on Route 30N and another on Route 30. Both landowners are looking to change their zoning from residential to commercial to open a business at their respective properties.

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