Meeting slated on transportation plan

FONDA?- The Montgomery County Business Development Center will hold a public meeting of the Montgomery County Transportation Committee on Tuesday at 10 a.m. for the purpose of reviewing the Countywide Coordinated Transportation Plan.

The meeting will be held in the Old County Courthouse Conference Room, second Floor, 9 Park St.

The Montgomery County Transportation Committee is a group of stakeholders in the community that includes public and private transportation providers, human-service agencies, community organizations, medical facilities, residential facilities, and group homes who are involved in identifying the transportation needs of individuals with disabilities, older adults, and people with low incomes.

The committee will provide recommendation for updating the Countywide Coordinated Transportation Plan, which provides strategies for meeting those local needs and prioritizes transportation services for funding and implementation.

Originally adopted by the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors in 2009, the plan is intended to enhance transportation access, minimize duplication of federal services and encourage the most cost-effective transportation possible. The plan can be downloaded at

This meeting will be open to the public, and input will be welcome.

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