Police to check on prospective tenants

GLOVERSVILLE – The Common Council unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday to allow the city Police Department to enter into an agreement with Overlook Ridge Rental Complex, located at 2 Santos Drive, to conduct local background checks on prospective tenants.

According the resolution, the fee for conducting the background check would be an initial fee of $20 for each unit and an additional $20 for any person that is added to the lease after its initial approval.

The local background check will consist of all arrests of the subject by the city Police Department, the resolution said, along with any incidents where a person was investigated for a “quality-of-life” offense or crime within the city.

The fee for the background checks would be paid to the Police Department and then forwarded to the Commissioner of Finance to be placed in the city’s general fund, the resolution said.

In the future, the resolution said, any agreements for conducting background checks with any entity will require the property to have at least 25 separate living units.

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