Police investigating defaced billboard

GLOVERSVILLE-The city Police Department is investigating who was responsible for defacing the billboard of a candidate for mayor on South Main Street.

Capt. John Sira said the sign was for Republican mayoral candidate Mike Ponticello and had several obscene pictures and words painted on the sign.

Sira said those responsible could face the charge of criminal mischief for damaging the property.

The department hasn’t received any leads about who did the damage, he said.

Ponticello said the sign company will replace the billboard.

Despite the negative images and words, Ponticello said he isn’t discouraged from continuing his campaign for mayor.

“It is an unfortunate situation and someone really had to go through a great deal of effort to do that because it is up high off the ground,” Ponticello said. “I am not discouraged by it but it is an unfortunate situation.”

So far, Ponticello is running for mayor against current Mayor Dayton King and James Handy.

Any person with information about the damage to the sign can call 773-4506.

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