Police: Keep eye on peddlers in city

GLOVERSVILLE – The city Police Department is advising residents to be vigilant when approached by people peddling goods or services in the city, a news release said.

The release said examples of behavior citizens should be aware of are: people walking around a residence without permission; people peering in windows or attempting to gain entry to a residence by asking to use the phone or for a drink; and people separating in the residence if they enter.

Police advise residents to report any of those activities immediately to either 911 or Fulton County dispatch at 736-2100.

All peddlers in the city are required to obtain a permit prior to going door to door, the release said. A permit can be obtained from City Hall, the release said.

Peddlers in the city should display some sort of photo identification including the name of the company and employee.

Residents can report any suspicious conduct from peddlers to the city Police Department by calling 773-4506.

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