West Hill School now in group’s care

CANAJOHARIE – The West Hill School building is now in the hands of the West Hill School Committee.

Village Mayor Francis Avery said the deed to the building was transferred to the committee Friday.

Tolga Morawski, member of both the committee, was happy with the transfer.

The West Hill School Committee has agreed to merge with the Historic Fort Plain organization under the new name Mohawk Valley Collective.

“I am extremely pleased at hearing the news about the West Hill School transfer going through. A year ago I wasn’t sure if we would ever get to this point. There was a lot of distrust,” Morawski said.

Avery said he was relieved to see the school building in the committee’s hands.

“The village didn’t have the resources to restore it,” Avery said, adding he hopes to see it renovated.

The building had a number of owners over the years, but none managed to successfully complete the restoration.

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