Energy peddlers charged by police

GLOVERSVILLE -City police said two people were arrested Tuesday for allegedly soliciting door-to-door without a license.

Police said they responded to complaints on Forest Street that Anasia Nesbit, 21, of 19 Mynderese Road, Schenectady, and Diamond Mack, 20, of 1500 Central Ave., Albany, both employees of Spark Energy, were selling energy door-to-door in the neighborhood without a license to peddle in the city.

Police said they determined the two did not have permits to peddle and arrested them for the violation.

Police said Nesbit became embroiled in an argument and shoved another person after being cited for the violation. Police said officers then arrested Nesbit for second-degree aggravated harassment. She was later released on bail.

Police said residents should call them in the event they encounter peddlers soliciting door-to-door because all peddlers are required to be licensed by the city and have their permit on them to be presented upon request.

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