Water meter reading has started for village

BROADALBIN — Reading of water meters for the November water billing has begun.

Bills will be mailed on or about Nov 1. Meters are being read by village personnel bearing proper identification. If customers do not have outside readers and they are not home when the meter reader calls, a notice will be left requesting the customer to provide the reading. Readings not received by Oct. 27 will be estimated. Customers can avoid having their bills estimated by providing their readings in one of three ways: 

∫ Call the reading in to the village clerk at (518) 883-8265. An answering machine can take the message anytime if the office is closed.

∫ Email the reading to [email protected]

∫ Email a photo of the meter reading to [email protected]

When providing readings, customers should state their account number, if known, the property owner’s name, the property address at which the reading is being taken, and a telephone number where the caller can be reached in case there are any questions. If a reading is not in line with previous readings, village personnel will call again to verify the reading. 

For instructions on how to read meters, call the village clerk’s office.

Customers with outside reading devices are urged to check the outside readings against the meter inside to make sure they are in line with each other. Any discrepancies should be promptly reported to the clerk’s Office. 


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