Transitions director slated to speak


GLOVERSVILLE—Transitions program director Jennifer Feagles will speak at the 2019 Council for Exceptional Children’s annual conference in Indianapolis.

Feagles, a licensed master social worker, will present “The 3 Rs of Transitions to Adulthood: Responsibility, Regulation and Relationships.”

Feagles will assert that it is critical for young adults with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities to develop responsibility, regulation and relationships to be successful in their journey to independence. Her presentation will outline how Transitions supports young adults using evidence-based strategies in real-world settings, helping them achieve success in college, employment and independent living.

Transitions of the Fulton County-based The Arc, Lexington, helps its students prepare for independent living by learning organizational skills, money management, cooking, appropriate social interaction, self-advocacy and independent travel, among other life skills.

CEC is a professional association of educators dedicated to advancing the educational success of children and youth with exceptionalities. The annual conference draws hundreds of attendees.

Transitions made news at last year’s CEC Conference when student Andrew Carpenter received “Yes I Can” award for his progress in the program.

By Josh Bovee

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