Lexington center receives $43K grant

GLOVERSVILLE — The Lexington Center, a not-for-profit organization supporting people with disabilities in Fulton and Albany counties, has been awarded $43,500 in grants from the trustee management board of New York State ARC Trust Services to support Lexington’s guardianship and recreation programs, according to a new release.

The NYSARC Trust Services administers supplemental needs trusts that can make dramatic improvements to the lives of people with disabilities while enabling individuals to maintain eligibility for public benefits programs, such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income. For this year, NYSARC Trust Services can fulfill its commitment to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities by awarding over $2,733,577 in grants to the Arc New York chapters statewide.

The Lexington’s Guardianship Program provides corporate guardianship through the Arc New York for a total of eight individuals with disabilities, including primary guardianship for five of the individuals and stand-by guardians for the remaining three. The program is overseen by a guardianship committee comprised of seven community members and three Lexington staff members. The committee advocates for people with disabilities and makes vital decisions on behalf of these individuals. The NYSARC funds, $28,500 for this year, are vital to sustaining the individuals’ health, well-being and necessary supports and services.

The NYSARC Trust Services provided $15,000 to the recreation program at Lexington. The funds will be used to provide recreational opportunities for individuals and families Lexington supports in their family services, creative expressions and day habilitation programs.

By Josh Bovee

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