Help protect workers from COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and the Solid Waste Association of North America have both issued guidance associated with the coronavirus and waste management.

Best practices

∫ Tightly tie all garbage bags shut and place in a garbage tote.

∫ Postpone spring cleaning to keep all garbage and recycling contained in their collection totes.

Recycle right

∫ Do not put disposable gloves, masks or tissues in the recycling bin. Dispose of them properly in the trash.

∫ Do not recycle medical sharps or syringes. Medical sharps or syringes should be put in a rigid plastic container, clearly labeled “sharps,” sealed tightly and placed in the garbage.

∫ Do not bag recycling. Place loose recyclables in the curbside recycling tote.

Tote maintenance

∫ Keep the lid on garbage and recycling totes to avoid littering

∫ Wipe down collection totes, especially the handles and lids, once they are put at the curb.

∫ If needed, rinse containers. Make sure all containers are empty and dry.

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By Kerry Minor

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