Johnstown mails out water bills

JOHNSTOWN — The City Water Department has mailed the November (north side) water/sewer invoices to customers. The payments made by Nov. 30, will not be subject to a late charge, according to a news release.

It should be noted that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the water department office remains closed to the public. The payments can be mailed to the address on the invoice or deposited in the drop box to the left of the door.

The department accepts checks, bank checks and money orders. Credit and debit cards are not accepted and the department asks that cash not be deposited in the drop box.

It is important to note that if customers see an increase in their water/sewer bill from the previous billing period it is necessary to take into consideration that more water may have been used if residents were home more than usual/working from home or had additional people in the household/workplace that utilized the water/sewer.

The water users are asked to contact the department at (518) 736-4027 with any questions or concerns.

By Paul Wager